Dog retaining water

newhomeseekerAugust 7, 2009

My parents just lost one of their dogs in April to cancer (they think). It was quick. He was diagnosed with a tumor and three weeks later he died. His "sister" is 12 years old and when she was a puppy she was hit by a car and that impact broke her pelvis. She was fine for years but a few years ago she developed arthritis and the vet put her on some type of medication that she has to be given daily. The vet warned my parents that the medication would damage her liver and kidneys and possibly her heart. After her "brother" passed away she seemed to be depressed at times. About a month ago she wouldn't eat or go outside for two days. My dad did not think she would live through the night.

I drove up to their house to see her (they live 2 hours away) I arrived to a totally different dog that they had described. I got her to eat, to go for walks etc. She was her old self. I went to visit her again last week and she was even more energetic (we went for FOUR walks) and she ran around and seemed to be doing so much better. Well two days ago she started not wanting to go outside and yesterday my parents noticed she was retaining fluid and her back legs were all swollen. They took her to the vet last night and the vet said it could be liver problems, gave them some lasix and an antibiotic and some pain killers. Vet did not run any blood tests or anything. Any ideas what this could be?

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Right heart failure, liver failure, hypoproteinemia secondary to protein-losing nephropathy or protein-losing enteropathy, blocked lymphatics, splenic mass rupture, etc.

Sounds like your parents need a new vet IMHO. Those clinical signs warrant immediate investigation for diagnosis and treatment.

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Go meghane, go meghane....she has some great advise, go help your parents find a new more thorough vet and prepare them to spend some money.
Hope all goes well. Good luck

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Thanks for both of your replies. My parents are taking her back to the vet today. She was given 3 shots of lasix but just seems to be getting worse. She isn't eating and seems uncomfortable. She will still wag tail and give my parents kisses and perks up when they are around. But it is difficult for her to walk. They are beside themselves and don't know what to do. The only other thing the vet told them is they could take her to a specialist (the same specialist they took their dog who was diagnosed with a tumor to) and they could "cut her open" according to the vet. My parents opt not to have any surgery as the dog might live a little longer but would be in a lot of pain for recovery and the surgery just may find that it is hopeless and nothing can be done (as would have been the case with the dog they just lost if they had opted for the surgery). They don't want her to have to spend the last of her life being alone and afraid or drugged in a strange place. It isn't about the money, but they consider her "their little girl" and don't want her to go through anything unecessary. Megahne, if it is heart or liver failure how long do you think she has? There is nothing that can be done, correct?

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Depends on the cause of the problem if it's heart of liver failure. I have several congestive heart failure patients doing very well on meds. 2 had heartworms, 1 had heartworms plus Boxer Arrhythmagenic cardiomyopathy, most of the rest have valve disease. So far the longest survivor is the boxer- getting to a year this October!

I'm also treating a dog with liver failure but she doesn't have ascites yet. We like to catch these things before they become really bad.

There are lots of things that can be done besides surgery depending on what the problem is. Surgery isn't going to help heart failure, may not help liver failure. But throwing some antibiotics, lasix and some pain killers at the problem without knowing what the problem is rarely helps. I'd say a complete physical exam, CBC, chemistry profile, heartworm test, and UA to start. Then further testing if needed (ultrasound, bile acids, etc.). There are lots of things that can be done for her if properly worked up.

Good luck!

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I'm sorry to hear about the dog. I remember your other post about how she rallied when you went to visit. I hope your parents are soon able to get some answers about what is going on.

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Thank you, that means a lot to me.

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Well, my parents' dog passed away on Friday. They were scheduled to take her to vet (to euthanize her) that afternoon. My dad woke up at 3am and went and petted her and held her for awhile and then went back to bed and when he got up at 6am she had passed away. Said she went very peacefully. It's scary how fast she went downhill.

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I'm so sorry about your parents' dog.

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Newhomeseeker, I'm sorry to hear that the dog passed away. It reminds me a bit of my male cat who passed from cancer. His first real symptom was bloating and he was gone 10 days later. It is hard when they go so fast. Big (((HUGS))) to you.

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Thank you both. Quasifish I am sorry about your cat.

As for my parents' dog she was actually my dog that I picked out as a puppy but when I left for college my parents kept her and didn't want to give her back after I graduated. I love her dearly but I am very glad she is no longer suffering. She didn't deserve to be in pain. She was such a sweetie, always running around like crazya but when she'd settle down she'd love all over you, lay in your lap, want to be petted. She will be missed. They do have two other (rescue) dogs that aren't even 3 years old yet so that will fill some of the void.

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i took my baby to the vet ant she said she was retaining water and started her on furosemide and amoxicillin and temaril-p and she could walk and now she cant hardey walk i have to help her is there any othere saver med to take off the water and is something to help her with getting her mussel back in her back legs please help me

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