Low cost spay?

lori239August 25, 2009

Although I think that it's great that there are low cost spay/neutering vets, if I had to do over again, I would've gone to my regular vet.

My last 3 dogs that I had spayed had no problems at all and healed quickly. The sutures were on the outside.

A week ago I had my most recent adoptee spayed - the lost cost spay vet stiched her on the inside so it just looks like the incision is open and it has been draining constantly. It's been a very difficult week - I have a high energy dog who I'm having to keep very calm at all times, either in her crate with an e-collar on, or on a leash right next to me so I can be sure she doesn't lick her incision. It just didn't take this long with my other dogs, only a matter of a couple days when the incision started closing up.

Has anyone else had this problem? A week later, still draining, incision still looks open. :o(

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