Please ID if this is a plumbing problem...

ntt_houMarch 19, 2013

I live in a typical 1-story residential home in a typical city neighborhood. I've been living in this home for 9 years now. The past few weeks, I've been hearing a sound of water turning on and off rapidly. Something that I haven't heard before.

I've noticed this sound when I'm in my bedroom. Could this be something coming from the water heater or its pipes? The water heater is located in the attic at approximately above the doorway of my bedroom. This is why I'm thinking it could come from the water heater. The Whirlpool water heater was replaced about 5 years ago, it's a 50-gallons tank, self-cleaning and it has a 12-year warranty.

Since the sound comes on and off quickly and not enough with repetition, I can't check for sure if it's the water heater or not. Plus, I'm a disabled individual and enable to go up the attic and check to see if there's a problem or not.

Before calling a plumber out which is expensive for someoene living on a fixed income like me, I'd like to have an idea of the cause of this sound. I've been searching online data and only found something about a well pump short cycling. This home uses city water, we have no well in our yards or nearby.

If you know something about this sound and could share your knowledge, it'd be of help to me. Thank you.

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It may be a toilet flush valve leaking and the fill mechanism is replenishing the water that has drained out past the flush valve. Look and listen at each toilet. If that is not helpful, put some food coloring in the water in the tank and see if it shows up in the bowl with the flush mechanism undisturbed.

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Thank you. Most likely it's the toilet by the bedroom which that's where the sound came from when I was in the bathroom. I will check the flush valve and will do the color test. Hopefully, it's something that I can repair it myself.

Thanks again.

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