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goldyAugust 11, 2011

I'm in the market for a pet.The seller said he would bring the dog to and no checks.Is this a good idea?

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What kind of "pet"? What condition is "the pet" in? Has "the pet" had a vet visit to make certain it is in good health? Sounds like a back yard breeder who does not want you on theri property - for good reasons - it is a horror story. Ask more questions of the seller.

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Bad idea. If they do not want people in their home to see the animals - safe to assume they are hiding something. A good breeder will get to know you enough to trust taking a check.

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Bad idea. I once went to see a kitten and the person met me outside with the kitten. I could smell the odor thru the windows and left promptly w/o the kitten.

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His reason was He would wait all day after a customer called and they would not show up'He found it better to go to them.he also said he would bring written guarantee with him.Maybe if Ibrought along a second person????

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No. Bad idea. He wants to take the money and run. Written guarantee? I doubt that's worth the paper it's printed on.

You need to feel a connection to a dog -- it will become a new member of your family. Really, you and the dog need to choose each other.

If he's trying to drop the dog off and leave quickly before you can give it any thought, this could end up being a big mistake.

I think your gut instinct is telling you this is wrong, or you wouldn't be asking us.

Just tell him no thanks, and find a normal dog seller.

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There's a reason why you came to the forum to ask. TRUST your instincts and stay away! This is not how a reputable breeder conducts business. If you go for it, make sure you have a hefty surplus for the vet bills coming your way. What kind of animal is it and what general vicinity are you located in? Maybe someone here can get you a reputable source either by breeder or rescue group.

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You about to buy a pet either produced by a questionable back yard breeder or a mill. Once they have your money you will have no recourse since there will be no way to get in touch with them.

Those type of sellers are con artists and can come up with exactly the excuse you want to hear. A reputable breeder will have you come to their location so they can interview you and will also let you see one, or both, of the parents of the pet.

There are too many rescued pets needing out those pets first. And avoid any 'shelters' that won't allow you on the premises.

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I live in south jersy.Wentto puppystop and the puppies looked sluggish.It was a very hot day.Maybe if I go back on a cool day they might look better.Not too many places down here breed small dogs.Have you tried getting a dog from a shelther?they all but want to fingerprint you and most of the dogs are huge.I need a small dog because I live in a senior apartment and the pet cannot exceed 25lbs

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Fori is not pleased

Sounds like a good way to get mugged.

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I just looked on Petfinder and they have quite a few little dogs and puppies that are in rescues in your area. They are all going to make you go through a fingerprinting/application process :) it's just to make sure the dog is going to a safe home. The ones that don't care about where the animal goes doesn't care about the animal! I found that the rescue workers have a nicer attitude than the shelter. That's just been my experience. Do you have a particular breed you'd like or just a little dog? Does it have to be a puppy? They have a 12 week old Chihuahua Mix, she's in Summit,NJ. Is that close enough to home? I've attached the link.

I googled Puppystop and they have some disturbing reviews. I wouldn't go back a second time. One might ask from your post why the puppies weren't tended to on the day you visited.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chelsie

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Here are reviews for Puppystop :(

Here is a link that might be useful: customer feedback

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Awww, look at little Oreo in Edison. He's not a young puppy but worth a look. He was turned into rescue after being hit by a car.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oreo Shih Tzu

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I'm looking for a Shih Tzu.The reviews you sent about puppystop kind of fit what I saw that day.I was a little sad and disapointed.Iused to live not far from Edison and know the area well.But at my age I don't feel I could go through the "third degree"They ask you who will take care of the dog if you die first.(kittens-OREO IN EDISON")Thankyou for your help .

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goldy, try here and contact anyone of these people about finding a reputable breeder. Good luck with finding a puppy.
You really want a reputable breeder when you invest your love and money in pet.

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Here is the Shistzu rescue page.

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They ask you who will take care of the dog if you die first.

If you don't know the answer to that, you shouldn't have a pet, no matter your age.

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Contom saved me some typing :) It's a fair question.

Goldy, Why not find a reputable breeder? They will screen you to ensure you're a conscientious adopter, just like rescues and animal shelters will. The idea is to find good homes for these dogs, not homes for 6 months or until the puppy turns into a full grown untrained dog and is dumped back to the shelter. Youth or age should have nothing to do with the shelter or breeder's decision to place a dog.

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