Danze Potfiller is leaking.....

beekeeperswifeMarch 16, 2010

First, it's not the plumbing, but the faucet. But when I turn on the faucet, right at the beginning of the first part of the arm that is closest to the wall (where it twists), water comes out. There is a screw cap on there.

This is the Danze Opulence wall mounted pot filler.

Couple of questions, and no I don't have money to burn, BUT...

1. Danze's customer service was closed when I called this evening I sent an email. I will call in the morning.

2. My tile isn't up yet (procrastination and indecision are finally paying off), so should I abandon my Danze potfiller totally before the tile goes up in 2 weeks and splurge and get a more reliable brand? I purchased this one last summer at the beginning of this reno. Yes, I can wait for the parts to get here, have them installed, but then what if it fails again in another 6 months and I want to replace it after the tiling is done? That's a disaster.

3. If I do replace it, would the new faucet fit where the Danze is connected? I think it is a pretty standard size hole, etc.

4. If you tell me to abandon ship, what brand should I get?

I appreciate all your help. No need to tell me NOT to have a potfiller, I want it, I have it, I use it, and except for this issue with the faucet itself,I love it.



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Newform Moony 3140 is a higher quality spout with fewer moving parts.
Extendable spouts were patented around 1950, by Dornbracht : today they offer them in their Meta.02 and Tara series. More money and high quality.

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I would try to screw off the cap, remove the arm, and see if there was an o-ring or other seal to replace or lubricate.

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I called yesterday. There are 2 o rings in there. They are sending replacements. The "technical" service rep, knew exactly what I was talking about. I asked if she hears about this often,she said yes. I guess we will stick with it.

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