Symmons shower faucett leaking - trouble getting valve out

jake14mwMarch 26, 2013

Hi all,

I have a Symmons temptrol shower faucette that is leaking. I did an internet search, and found this video that talked about replacing the spindle.
My shower assembly looks exactly the same as in the video. I got to the part of the video that it is at 1:10 in. Removing the spindle. It was very difficult to start to remove. I finally got it to budge, and thought I was going to be home free. However, it never got easier. Now, it has a whole half turn that it will go easily either way, but is not any easier to come off. It seems like something is wrong to me. It looks like there is a black washer along the thread that it is turning on that might be binding on? Should I just continue struggling with it until I eventually get it off? I just don't want to ruin anything. Something doesn't seem right. Thanks for any advice anyone can provide.

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Hi, Been a long time sense I worked on them, But I remember you had to open the valve before you take it apart,
Good luck Woodbutcher

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I just watched that video. This guy left out a lot. For starters this valve has integral stops. These are shut offs built into the valve, one of them is visible left of the stem. There a several variations of this valve, yours like mine are different. I've been around and have friends that are plumbers. They all concur that the Symmons is the best shower valve (unusual for them). But, don't touch it, we'll fix it. I'll say to them tell what to do, nada. I know that you, like myself want to fix it yourself.Call some one who is familiar w/ this valve and have them do the work. Look at this way, if your repairs are sub par you may looking at a much larger bill than the plumber's

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