Is there a maximum distance from the shower floor to the P trap

jimborMarch 8, 2011

bottom that is specified by code? The local building inspectors advised me that maximum drop was 8 inches; another inspector there was no maximum particularly for traps beneath the first floor, although you shouldn't exceed 24 inches. This is very frustrating. Apparently there is concern that the P trap could wash out if water falls to far through a long vertical drain. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Under both the IRC & UPC the maximum length of the tailpiece is 24" vertical from the finished edge of the drain opening to the standing water level in the trap except washer standpipes.

Under the UPC a washer standpipe must be 18" but not more than 30"

Under the IRC a washer standpipe must be 18" but not more than 42"


IRC-3201.6 & 2706.2

UPC 1001.4 & 804.1

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"tailpiece" in the above post means drain tailpiece, the vertical pipe in question. (the term tailpiece also occurs in discussions of P traps; then it is the horizontal pipe downstream of the P trap. F.y.i.)

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The trap tailpiece is not the horizontal pipe downstream of the P-trap.

The horizontal pipe extending from the trap weir to the end of the trap assembly is the trap tailpiece.

The discharge end of the trap tailpiece may be shortened but it may not be lengthened with tubular fittings. The trap tailpiece must be connected to the Trap adapter on the end of the drain fixture arm.

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