If sand shows up backing into tub... means break in sewer?

boops2012March 4, 2012

My toilet starts backing up so we flush with the bladder thing that forces water thru(sorry dont know what its called) removed the toilet and auger-to discover its leaking from the disintegrating collar thing. Replace all that. Now when doing laundry, sand and debris come up in the tub. I suspect theres a break,I want to get a pro to scope the length of old cast iron pipe that still exists under the slab.The house-to-street run was replaced w/ PVC about 20 yrs ago. How can sand enter a closed system? It would indicate a break ,right? Someone tell me Im right or wrong.Sorry for not knowing the terminology.

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It could be a break, or it could just be a partially plugged line. The blockage could be in your line,in the city line, or where your line connects to the city drain. You'll need to get it looked at either way.

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"How can sand enter a closed system? It would indicate a break ,right? Someone tell me Im right or wrong."

Nothing you describe indicates a broken drain line. Everything points to a clogged drain line.

Sand collects in the P-trap of the tub. It washes off people's feet. No mystery here.

The pipes are clogged, not broken. When the washing machine drains, it backs up from the clog, which is downstream from where the bathroom and laundry drains converge. You need to have the lines snaked. I would bet the clog is in a 2" line, right before the Tee into the Main 4" line. This will be a difficult place to send the drain auger, unless there is a 2" clean out access. The washing machine standpipe would be the next best place to try.

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Thanks all who replied. Turns out the cleanout was under the front deck and blowing it out from there resulted in clearing the clog.All is well and working fine.

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