Mostly finished, cream cabs, cherry counters, chambers stove, DIY

mermanmikeMarch 12, 2013

Throughout my kitchen creation process, this website was truly invaluable, as so many have said. I love my is one of my favorite places to be in the world. And I know it wouldn't have taken shape in such a beautiful and personalized way if you all hadn't shared your expertise, opinions, and support. So, thank you.

There are many unfinished items here, but because other parts of our renovation have our attention right now, I thought it best to go ahead and post what has been accomplished. The toe kick under the dishwasher panel needs to be installed, some paint needs touching up on the walls, a piece of trim under two windows needs adding. We also plan to trim under the stove with toe kick material for a more finished look. But you know how it goes--these things will happen in time.

The cabinets are Medallion Platinum. They ran about $7,500. The finish is called White Chocolate. I ordered them through Just Cabinets, saving quite a bit of money. This is a good option for a DIY installer who doesn't need kitchen design hand holding.

The counters are cherry from Hardwood Lumber Company. They ran about $1800 unfinished. I used Waterlox to seal them. They are screwed in place in a handful of strategic places and silicone caulked on the underside.

The knobs are also cherry and at the moment I can't remember where I order them from. If anyone is looking for something similar, I can find the receipt.

The Chambers range--my favorite thing, I think--came from eBay for about $350. I had a lot of work to do to clean it up and get it ready for use. (And there are still a few more things I'd like to replace on it.) This was a gamble for me, having never cooked on one, but I adore it. The oven is wonderful, the cooktop is powerful and reliable, and it makes me smile every time I use it.

The floor is 7-inch yellow pine from a local mill and finished with oil.

The sink is Domsjo from Ikea. The dishwasher is Bosch. The fridge is Fisher and Paykel.

My dear partner built the open bottom cabinet with all the everyday dishes, microwave, and toaster over on it. It far exceeded my expectations when he was done. He was able to match the bead on the inset cabinets for a very cohesive appearance.

He also built the rolling pin holder to house my collection of old rolling pins.

The tan-painted (picture frame cream, Old Village Paints) open upper cabinet is an antique we already had. The larger open upper cabinet (Rittenhouse blue, Old Village Paints) came unfinished from Medallion with the rest of our cabinet order.

We build the surround for the fireplace from wood salvaged from this house--an 1832 Greek Revival. Our goal in the remodel was to create a kitchen that is classic, unfussy yet sophisticated, and easy to work in. We are very pleased with how things came together.

Here are some photographs to enjoy!

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Wow!!! I love it. So much personality. Thanks for sharing.

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What a great job! All those windows could have been seen as a negative in that space, but with your design you've turned them into showpieces. Love the counters! Does the fireplace actually work? What are the magnets on the 'fridge? (When I had them, mine were an eclectic mix of ads for local businesses, nephews baseball photos, reminders to not waste water, and a couple of magnetized art pieces from the Getty with the requisite expired coupons pinned underneath. Yours are clearly a better class of magnets.) Now all you need is the smell of baking bread wafting through the air.

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Looks like it was always there! Original, yet new. :)

I especially love your "inspector" roaming the kitchen!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

What a wonderful space! Some kitchens just make one's heart sing, and this is being added to my list of all-time favorites. You've nailed the vintage style, with a comfortable feel and a very functional layout. Love it all, especially the windows and rolling pin holder.

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I could be really happy in that kitchen. Beautifully done... ENJOY!

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It seems like a real heart of your home. I would love to spend time at that table with some good coffee and good company. Thank you so much for sharing. It is amazing...and a DIY too? WOW!

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So bright and open, and I love the countertops! I think my next kitchen will be light on upper cabinets after seeing so many open, inviting kitchens like this. Your dog is adorable too :)

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What a beautiful space, it makes me want a tour of your entire house!

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Sigh... It's simply lovely. I just clipped it as one of my all-time favorites. I don't know why I did that, since my reno is essentially complete. I guess so that I can easily drool over your kitchen from time to time. :) Congrats on a beautiful job!

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What a warm lovely kitchen. I love the dark green cabinet, the fireplace, the kitchen table and the cute rolling pin holder. You guys have done a very aesthetically pleasing and heart warming job. Really really charming.

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This is just wonderful. I love the layers of neutral colors and the unpretentious classiness of it all. You incorporated so many interesting details without making a vintage theme park. Congratulations!

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I concur with the above responses: my heart is singing, sighing, and dreaming of working in such a warm, lovely room. I imagine sitting in that wonderful reading chair in the corner with a good book and a cup of tea, smelling wonderful smells wafting from the Chambers. Supreme happiness and satisfaction to you, your partner, and your cute pooch!

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Pitch perfect!

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Beautifully done - and what a budget! Congrats on a great "new" kitchen.

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I second cat-mom. It so belongs!

You are blessed to have so much natural light and did a great job working with the windows. It is a kitchen that draws one in with a feeling of comfort and ease.

Love your rolling pin collection display and that stove is to die for!! May you enjoy it for many years to come!

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An absolutely beautiful room! I wish I could move right in! It has a wonderful Colonial feel but in an updated way. The fireplace is to die for.

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What talent!

You've captured the feel everyone wants in their home and kitchen. Warm, compiled over time.

Absolutely beautiful.

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What a wonderful, comfortable, "just-right" space you've created! So many details to love, especially the DIY custom items (the rolling pin rack is terrific!) - is the fireplace surround painted Rittenhouse Blue also? And if you don't mind a few more Q's: I love the stained window sashes within the painted trim - is that the final plan? Are they new or old windows? And may I ask what the faucet is? Thanks, and congratulations to both of you on a fantastic job!

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That is a beautiful kitchen. Love everything but photos #4, #6, and #9 took my breath away. Those windows...wonderful.

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gorgeous, love all the windows

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mermanmike-it's wonderful! When I realized you did a DIY inset cabinetry installation I truly became amazed at your talent. Your kitchen must be so enjoyable to be in.

I do have a request, as I am considering Medallion: might you take a close up of your painted finish? How do you describe the overall cabinet color, off white?

Enjoy your new space!

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Oops, see in title you described it as "cream".

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I can certainly see why it is your most favorite place in the world. It is a beautiful, cozy and functional period kit!

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wow, it is so charming and cozy. you did a great job! i love all of your lighting choices too and the rolling pin holder is so cool!

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Unique, personal, charming, and absolutely appropriate for the home it's in. Love it! Congratulations on a great job.

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So beautiful, but so much personality! You should be incredibly proud of this work.

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Really uplifting to see such an authentic-feeing, un-ostentatious, lovely, light, appropriate, original-feeling kitchen. You may have spent a lot of time here on GW but your kitchen looks like you made all your very own decisions and you did a great job! Congratulations!

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Effortless & gorgeous. So many details to love. I take heart from the elbow grease you put into your Chambers. I have an O'keefe & Merritt than needs the same and I can easily be overwhelmed by the thought of it. Also, I feel validated by your sink flanked by windows. I just removed one centered window and installed two, to achieve the same in my kitchen.

I would love to know the dimensions of your room.

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Wow!! Well as a fellow cream cabinet/cherry counter-er, I LOVE IT!!!

Truly it's absolutely gorgeous. And has soooooo much charm with those beautiful windows, the fireplace, the stove and I love the table and chairs.

You must be so happy, it's absolutely fantastic......

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Your cabinets are wonderful. I like the stimple knobs. Also love the color of your trim, dark enough to notice but not detract from the calm light environment. Well done.

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Thanks, everyone, for all the compliments! It feels so good to share my kitchen with people who love kitchens as much as I do after all the hard work. I’m sure a bunch of you know what I mean by that. Warms my heart.

Suzannesl--Yes, the fireplace works. It’s a gas fireplace. The kitchen is in an addition that didn’t have any heat. So the fireplace has a practical and aesthetic value to us. The magnets are of my partner’s artwork. He makes large paintings, and a couple of years ago I got some magnet paper at Michael’s and turned photographs of some of his paintings into those magnets. Thanks for noticing them.

JBGB--Yes, the fireplace is also painted Rittenhouse Blue. I am disappointed that the color didn’t show up well in my photographs, but I am so not a good photographer. The Old Village Paints website has a pretty true depiction of the color (atleast on my monitor). The stained window sashes are indeed in their final form. We weren’t sure if we wanted to paint them, so we started by just painting the trim. Once the counters were installed I knew I wanted to leave the sashes without paint. They are new windows. The faucet is Kohler Bellera. I decided on it after lots of internet research, and then I walked into Home Depot the next day and it was on clearance! I didn’t even expect to find it, let alone find it on clearance.

SparklingWater--I am very pleased with the paint finish. It cleans up nicely and is durable. I hesitated to describe my cabs as cream because a lot of much lighter cabs get called cream. Mine are really a dark cream. The cream I get from a farmer to make butter from is close to this color, but not the cream you buy in a grocery store. Medallion calls it White Chocolate, which is also a pretty close description. Like an old lace window covering--a bit yellowed but still ivory. Here is a close-up picture that I hope helps.

A story I meant to tell but forgot to…I had originally planned on dark grey cabs with maple counters. As in, I had ordered them and paid for them. Then GW’s own LavendarLass posted a photo of a kitchen I can still see clear as a bell in my head--creamy cabs, a big table, an old stove…it set my heart aflutter. We had struggled for weeks to decide on the perfect shade of grey. At the time we lived 2-1/2 hours from this house, so making design decisions was complicated. I threw caution to the wind, drove over to my cabinet seller, picked out a shade of cream that I liked best, and changed the order without even looking at it in the future kitchen. While I don’t necessarily recommend this approach, I am so glad I made the last minute switch. And belated thanks to LavendarLass.

Here is one more picture I realize didn't make into the post. We made the controversial-on-GW decision to not have a vent over the range. I haven't had one in other houses and it never bothered me. I like the pot rack, but I am already planning to remove it because I want to build a mantle type shelf over the stove and I need the space back to bring forth my new plan. Eventually.

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Thanks for the close up. It's definitely a winner paint finish, which I've known for a long time. Tomorrow I go to talk with a Medallion rep.

Your story of last minute color change on your cabinet is exciting. I think I've seen the gray, also nice. The White Chocolate cabinets though seem perfect, contrasts just right with your white appliances and offers a perfect back to your wood countertops. You both must be very pleased.

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Second, third, and fourth what everyone else has said--what a beautiful kitchen! Being a Chambers' owner myself, I can relate to how much fun it is to cook on :) I love the rolling pin holder and wish my DH was as talented as your partner as I have several vintage ones but no good way to display. Enjoy--you have a wonderful kitchen!

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Oooh this is so nice. It just oozes charm from every corner. Love the range!! Congratulations and enjoy your gorgeous new kitchen!

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Great kitchen - love the rolling pin holder! I think your puppy loves your new kitchen also!
As my grand nephew would say - Way Cool!
Love that range - glad you were able to fix it up.
What isn't there to love about your new kitchen!

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warm, cosy, happy space
...range, sink, rolling pin holder, CHERRY COUNTERS(umm wow)

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I t is a beautiful kitchen. I just love everything about it. Wishing you many years of happiness in your favorite space.

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Ditto to all the high praise.

Refreshing and inspiring, after all those designer Stepford kitchens, here is a kitchen that makes our hearts sing. You give us confidence to do our own unique thing, with thought, care, heart, and song.


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Just lovely, warm, and charming. Perfect for the house. With what I'm sure was a lot of thought and careful planning, you've managed to make it look so un-fussed over. So natural, like it just grew there over time. As onedogedie said, effortless. Really excellent job. Congratulations!

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Such a warm, inviting kitchen. Your cherry counters are stunning. We have a vanity in White Chocolate so I know it's a wonderfully warm color, especially with the cherry. Wise decision on making your last minute change. Enjoy!

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Love it! I want to step inside the pictures and make myself a cup of tea.

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Absolutely perfect!!


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Fantastic, warm and beautiful! May you make many happy memories and wonderful meals in your new kitchen!

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What a fabulous kitchen you've created! I've scrolled up and down through your photos, up and down, noticing new perfections every time. At first the windows left me speechless, then the cherry, cab colors, floor and furnishings. It wasn't until the later passes that I also noticed how perfect your work triangle is, and what a joy it must be to work there. No wonder you love being in that room, it's so warm and appealing and functional, and just beautiful in every direction. Congratulations! One of the most well-done DIY I've ever seen!

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Once in a white one comes across a kitchen that just has a good “feeling” to it that cannot be fully described. It’s comforting like fresh baked bread with real butter. I can even smell coffee perking.

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Loving your warm and wonderful kitchen! Makes me feel like it's possible to do a wonderful kitchen without going crazy with my budget. It's very cool and personal, cozy but light-filled. In a word; Perfection! Enjoy!

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Your partner did a great job on the bottom cabinet it looks like it has always been there. Very beautiful, and I too will save it and refer to it when I build my little farmhouse. Thank you so much for sharing!

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What an absolutely wonderful kitchen! I hope you are very happy with it!

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One of my very favorite kitchens ever. Your guests must feel instantly at home.

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This is totally not my style, but maybe my style needs to change. Your kitchen is gorgeous without having to shout or flash neon signs. Calm, inviting and comfortable with signs of craftmanship everywhere. You and your partner did a wonderful job planning, executing and collaborating. I would love to be entertained there!

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Oh my, Oh my I LOVE LOVE your kitchen. I like many kitchens but only a few do I absolutely LOVE!!!!!! Thank you for posting!!!!

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Such warmth and personality! That stove is really beyond charming and the wood counters are lovely.

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Well done! I am jealous- this is so close to what I'd love to pull off in our build! Could you please share your room dimensions. Wall to wall, sink to table?
Love your windows-I've planned stained sashes and painted trim for our house but DH isnt sure its worth the extra hassle to do, now I can show him your beautifully executed kitchen space.

Also what is your wall color? I have to look at your posts again to see if I missed it.
Thanks for sharing all the photos and info. Your kitchen is a real treat.

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Perfect, refreshing, timeless, perfect! I especially love that it is in keeping with your house. This is what a kitchen should be, IMO.

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Thanks for the love, everyone! It warms my heart and home.

ppben: The wall color is Behr Candlelight Ivory. We totally fell for this color and put it all over the house.The trim is picture frame cream from Old Village Paint. The room's dimensions are roughly 15.5' x 25.5'. The room shrinks in to about 14'10" at the corner between the refrigerator and the open bottom cabinet heading toward the fireplace. We were able to use an old entryway to build the refrigerator in. We left the old door on the outside, but now when you open it, it's just garden tools.

The house originally had a butcher's shop attached to it. It was apparently beyond repair, and the previous owners tore it down and rebuilt the addition that has now become this kitchen.

The table, which is 8 ft long, is roughly centered in the room. It was a hand-me-down from my mother, and I hope one day to make our own table out of some of the old chestnut we've salvaged from the attic/old farmhand's room. I've got about 7 feet between the sink and the back of the chair at the head of the table. Hope that helps.

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Outstanding charm and character! The Chambers is just perfect. Love it all. Congrats on such an amazing space.

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What a warm, lovely, charming space. It really looks like it belongs in the house. The range is wonderful.

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Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful space and you both did such a lovely job with every single feature.

The table looks so at home and the fireplace is amazing. The cream cabinets are so pretty and I think your space is much better than the pictures we were looking through.

I think we should be using your kitchen for our example of 'wonderful old style/vintage kitchen that welcomes you into the space with big table and fireplace" from now on :)

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This kitchen is so gorgeous that it's taken me 2 days to get a comment posted on the thread -- I just get so wrapped up in ogling the gorgeous pics that my time to be online is up before I get down to the bottom of the page to post. It is everything that everybody above has said it is -- truly breathtaking and so, so in harmony with the style and period of the home. Wonderful work that I'm sure you'll enjoy for years to come. Congrats.

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When I look at your kitchen I think of the following words: personal, approachable, welcoming, thoughtful, functional, and serene. I enjoy looking at all of the gorgeous GW kitchens, but yours is one I yearn to walk into. It's really a special space. Thank you so much for sharing! (PS I also love your mermanmike name. Do you have any cool mermen in your house??)

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Oh, simply scrumptious! I love it. Can I come over for scones?

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Thanks Mermanmike for the dimensions and the wall color. It really helps. Going to HD today to get a sample. Thanks.
I am looking for a soft white for my wall color throughout our new house. I have a "colorful" house now and intend a toned down approach next and love your color in that lovely
kitchen space.
You know we would all LOVE to see pictures of the rest of the house! hint hint

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You did an absolutely wonderful job with this kitchen. It looks like it has always been there as the heart of the home. What a great place to spend a cozy morning and evening.

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Wow Mike, I love everything about your kitchen, esp. all the windows and that great table. It looks so warm and genuine and unselfconscious. It's the kind of kitchen I want, next time around, should I be so lucky.

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It's just wonderful. Love the work your SO fits in so well, especially the rolling pin rack! The colors, the style, the counters, the floors. Great decision to leave the windows as is...they do look so lovely with the counters and knobs.
I just love it all...I wish I had something more eloquent to say that would live up to the great job you've done. That house is lucky to have you. :) Enjoy in good health!

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Another GW favorite! Every detail makes me stop to ogle. I hope you enjoy this new space as much as everyone has enjoyed viewing the photos!

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Very nice. Love your collection of rolling pins. Fabulous floors and a great overall look. Enjoy!

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Thank you to everyone--it has made me sparkle to read your sweet words.

Marinagal: I have one mermaid hanging about my house--an old friend makes beautiful mermaid art that he sells on Etsy. I don't want to break ToS by advertising for him, but you can Google J David Mckenney if you're curious.

Angie: Yes, you are welcome anytime! Scones sound perfect on this rainy, chilly day.

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Stunning kitchen. I'm so envious. I have a fraction of the space, and low ceilings, but I want to duplicate as much of your kitchen as I can -- wood counters, inset cabs, etc.

I have an older stove that's sitting in my garage. It's not a Chambers, but I can't remember the brand offhand. Six burners and two ovens, probably dates from the 1930s.

Did you have someone restore your stove, or was it in working order when you bought it? Mine worked once, but it's in pieces now, so it may not work any more. Can you recommend a restorer?

I love your cabinets. How many cabinets did you order from Medallion? Was Just Cabinets the best price you got for Medallion inset cabinets? $7500 seems like a great price for inset cabs. I count about 10 lowers -- is that right?

Congratulations on creating a beautiful kitchen. It's so warm and inviting. It's exactly the feel I want in my kitchen.

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Thanks for the compliments, Baltomom. I didn't have to fully restore the stove, as it was in working condition when I bought it. I did have to clean up many years of gunk and grime, but that takes little more than time and elbow grease. With Chambers stoves in particular, there is an extraordinary amount of information available online about DIY restoration. When you figure out which manufacturer made your stove, you may be able to find a lot of the info you need on the web.

I ordered 11 cabinets from Medallion for that price. The 10 lowers you counted as well as the large green open upper cabinet. The green cabinet came unfinished, and I painted it myself. It was the most expensive cabinet I ordered at over $1000. I had an apartment years ago that had a vintage kitchen with a similar large upper cabinet, and I wanted to mimic the look. The only way I could do it with Medallion was to buy that one cabinet from their office furniture line (bookcases, etc). The other cabs are from their Platinum line, which is all inset. Buying the cabinets from Just Cabinets saved me a ton of money. They do a lot of business with Medallion, but I think my order was one of the first, if not the first, my location had for the Platinum line. Because they are not kitchen designers per se or experts with the Platinum line, I ended up calling Medallion on my own a few times to check things and to get my own spec book to work with. The customer service at Medallion's 800 number was extremely helpful.

Thanks again and good luck on your reno.

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I just found this post, and hope it's not too late to leave a comment and get an answer to a question. First, I adore your wonderful's truly a "heart of the home" kind of room. The warm wood countertops are really beautiful, and something I will consider when we re-do ours. Right now, we are looking for a refrigerator that will blend with our Wedgewood 40" stove, and are considering the Fisher Paykel. Since you have one, can you tell me if you like it. We are looking at the model that has the pull out freezer, rather than the swing door, and I think its slightly larger, but basically the same in other respects. We have a four bedroom house, over 2300 square ft., but the kitchen is a galley, about 20 ft long, with 62" of floor space between each side. We have a 36" French door refrigerator right now, but I would like to replace it with one that is 33" so I can gain a couple of inches to the right, where we have only about 12 inches of counter between the fridge and the sink. The alternative to what we have would be either the Fisher Paykel, which is narrower and almost counter depth, or another brand, like Maytag, etc., that is 33" but also 33" in depth....the reason to go to that one is the added interior space. Is the 17.5 cu. ft. in the Fisher Paykel enough? There are only 3 of us at home, but some of my friends feel that it's too small for the size of house we have. Are you happy with the size...does it hold enough...or would you go larger if you were to do it again? Thanks for any opinion or advice...we need to buy something within the next two weeks!

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Hi mimisgirls. Thanks for the compliments. And regarding the fridge, I love it. The niche our fridge is in is actually an old exterior doorway that led to a farmhand's room (attic). We knew we were losing the doorway for a fridge, but the size of the opening limited our fridge selection considerably. For structural reasons the opening could not be expanded. It took a lot of searching before I found what I wanted--white, metal handles, counter depth and between 30 and 33 inches wide. To make a long story short I've been completely satsified with my purchase. It is easy to clean. The glass shelves are sturdy. I buy a lot of groceries despite that I have a 2-person household, but there is always a lot of extra room in the fridge. At certain times of the year we store a lot of meat, so I do keep a separate freezer in the laundry room but it currently has nothing in it.

The vegetable bins had this plastic thing on top of them. I accidentally removed it when I was setting up the fridge, thinking it was part of the protective packaging. Well, don't remove that thing because it is what controls the airflow in and out of the vegetable bins. It is quite cheap feeling and is the one thing I think should be improved about the fridge. Otherwise, it seems to be of high quality and has given me no problems. HTH.

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I have to echo javachik, this is totally not my style and yet I find myself absolutely in love with your kitchen. You guys have created a perfect, happy kitchen. Lovely!!

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Hi Mermanlike...thanks so much for your quick reply to my question...we went out to day to look at fridge's again, and have decided on the FP with the pull out drawer. We'll keep our larger fridge in the garage, just in case we need more space, but I really think the FP has plenty of room, and made so much better than the other brands...I think it's a lot more like the vintage styles that we grew up with, with single shelves, edged with aluminum, instead of plastic. Thanks so much for validating my decision! I love the look of the looks fabulous in your gorgeous kitchen, so I'm hopeful it will look as good in mine! And thanks for answering all the questions people have asked friends are getting sick of all my kitchen remodel talk, probably because they're not doing theirs, so the interest isn't there, but with this forum, we're all in it together, and really wanting to help each other with products, experiences, thank you! Enjoy your beautiful home and kitchen! p.s. I haven't started a "page" here yet, since I'm new, but I plan on putting up photos of my kitchen, as soon as I have it! Then I'll share all my information with everyone, just as you've done..

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