how to adjust toilet flapper with float

kas4March 17, 2008

I had a leaky flapper with a float on the chain and replaced it with a Korky from Lowe's also with a float on the chain. Now I'm having difficulty adjusting the float so the flapper closes properly.

If the float is up high on the chain, the flapper closes too soon and the toilet doesn't flush completely. However if I lower the float just a little bit, maybe 3/8", the flapper stays open too long and almost drains the entire tank.

I've never worked with these floats before and wonder if anyone has advice on how to adjust so it flushes properly. Or do I need to purchase the American Standard brand of flapper that is made for these toilets? Thanks for the help.

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Sounds like it is operating normally when it drains the tank.

But if you want to try using less water on all flushes, then you could adjust the fill valve by lowering the float on the arm (so it stops when it's less full than current). Other ways to fine tune include adjusting the hook on the chain.

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Another way to conserve water, is to submerge a coffee can (Open end up) in the tank. This will conserve that amount of water with each flush. Only recommended for high volume flushing toilets.

Dan Martyn

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I replaced my flapper with a korky as well,,I kept adjusting the float until I got a good flush, don't want to waste water but don't want to double flush either, you can also go with less water with the adjustment and if need be, hold the handle down when flushing to let more water into the bowl.

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