How to Remove Unwanted ABS Drain Y?

Tom PultzMarch 10, 2008

I'm moving a pedastal sink from one wall to another in the bath. What's the best method to remove the unwanted Y fitting in the old setup and splice in a straight section of ABS pipe? Lines are currently hooked up like this:

1-1/2" line from upstairs bath drains straight down into a 2" pipe. There's a Y at that interface with another 1-1/2" fitting. That 2nd fitting immediately connects to the old pedestal sink drain Y, which then connects to the vent line which runs straight up parallel to the water drain line. Since the Y for the sink drain butts up against the Y for the 1-1/2 to 2" Y there isn't any length of plain pipe to connect to if I were to but the pipe at that location.

Is it permissible to use pipe-to-pipe rubber couplers with clamps on the 1-1/2" drain and vent lines? Since everything is rigid I don't see how to remove the old Y and splice in a new piece of pipe... which is why I'm asking the question :-)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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they make glue in repair couplings that slide up the pipe out of the way so you cna fit the pipe in. normal couplers have a ridge in the middle to keep them from being put on too far in one direction, while repair couplers have no ridge so they can be fully slid down a pipe. put a regular coupler on one end, slide on a repair coupler onthe other, glue the regular one in place, then slide the repair coupler down and glue it. i usually get the ends of the pipes close together, put my glue on both ends, then slide the coupler down and twist a little.

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If I am understanding your description correctly there should not be a Wye there. Code prohibits installing a Wye on a vertical line. It should be a Sanitary Tee.

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When using a repair coupling, make sure you mark both pipes with a marker so that when you slide the repair coupling over the two joints, you hit the middle.

Interesting how codes work in different areas. If the pipe is horizontal, with a vertical pipe entering it, we are required to use a wye and a st 45 for the long sweep.
(And a cleanout upstream within a specified distance)

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Tom Pultz

Thanks for the responses. I guess my terminology was incorrect. The fitting I wish to remove, and the fitting on the vertical leg are probably more accurately called sanitary tees as lazypup says. I'll try posting a picture later tonight.

It may be that I can replace the sanitary tee with a straight 1-1/2" to 2" coupler and then just cap off the vent pipe since it would really serve no purpose without the drain for the sink in place.

The repair coupling sounds like the way to go for connecting two sections of pipe.

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Tom Pultz

Here's a picture of the plumbing in question (notice the lovely way in which the water lines for the old pedestal sink were routed out through the wall into the hall closet and back in to the sink):

I want to remove the old sink drain connection. The piping on the right is the 1-1/2" drain from the upstairs bath, which connects to a 2" drain below; the piping on the left is the 1-1/2" vent.

Any reason I can't just cut out the existing fittings, install a 2" to 1-1/2" adapter, straight piece of pipe and coupler for the right side piping, and remove the vent line and cap it off up near the ceiling?

I couldn't find a "repair" coupler at the big box stores, so I purchased a Fernco PlumbQwik rubber coupler that I would like to use to reconnect the 1-1/2" drain pipe. Will this coupler meet code for installation in a covered wall, or should I modify a regular coupler for slip fit to reconnect the piping.

Thanks again.

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hello guys ans gals .try unglueing your abs and pvc pipes using my tool challange any glue joint up to 24 '

Here is a link that might be useful: daniel phinney

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