Econominder 5600 Brine Valve installation

mariochMarch 22, 2011

Thanks to this site, I was able to isolate a problem to a broken brine valve. I am trying to install the new valve and am having a problem. Does the seat and stem get positioned first, then the controller gets placed and then install brine cap valve, spring brine cap washer and then retaining ring?

I tried it but it but can't compress the spring enough. If I put the entire valve assembly into the injector body the controller doesn't sit flat. Any help will be appreciated.

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I should have waited about 15 minutes to post. I figured out that the brine valve cap, stem and spacer go under the end plug retainer (blew up an online service manual picture). Everything is installed and the brine tank is not filling up when in service.

Again, great site!

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