Help with tile/paint colors for master bath!

2ajsmamaMarch 13, 2012

Long time no see! I'm trying to finish the master bath, have had the floor tile for 5 years (have the blue-gray version in the main bath we've been using since we moved in). It's kind of a gray-taupe color, but I don't want to use it on the tub deck or surround b/c of the wavy edges. Here it is with a dab of BM Edgecomb Gray on the wall.

I don't know if it seems like I'm afraid of color, but I am trying to keep the room very neutral and calm, but warm, and to coordinate with the blue-gray Horizon paint in the BR.

I'm using the same wallpaper border (I know, very 80's) in the BR and the bath:

The hard part has been picking a square tile (12x12) for the tub deck and surround. I keep leaning toward the browns - which may be OK since the custom Roman I bought years ago when I ordered them for the whole house is brown/taupe:

I found the decos on sale (HD was ready to throw them out), only 18 bullnose which is enough to go around the surround but not for a backsplash on the vanity. Plenty of 12x12 tile and decos. But are they too brown compared with the floor tile? Does it matter since they're not going to be right next to each other?

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Hey Ajsmama, nice to see you back!

I'm not liking those two tiles together. Is there anyway you can find a more similar tile to the floor tile? I think it may look disjointed otherwise. I would also use a color on the wall with a little more contrast because if the paint is essentially the same color as the floor it will look like a big gray blob...there are lots of calm bath colors that you can use, even a darker version of the gray would be pretty. You just need some contrast.

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I think I'm going to have to check tile stores for something more like the floor tile (gray?) since I haven't found anything in the big box stores. I'm thinking the deco is way too brown (but hope I can use the shade since I bought it so long ago and it's a custom size).

Is this better? I'll take a pic later of the one on the floor and one on the deck, this tile is more $ but new so they have lots (other only had 16 12" tiles and 18 bullnose) - even if the bullnose isn't as rounded.

I thought I clicked on email notification for replies, didn't see it, almost couldn't find the thread!

It's nice to be back, though I may not be posting often with so much to do. I've gotta look for some of my old friends.

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Here is the new tile and bullnose (rather than remnants). Couldn't get a good pic of floor and deck at the same time - seemed to want to overexpose the deck (in sunlight).

and one of the floor tile with the maple vanity. I don't know if this is going to look like a "gray blob" with a maple vanity, pine trim, and a wood (maple or chestnut - have to be careful of the stain color) tub apron? Plus that brown shade and a green valance (barely visible in last pic)? I figured I wanted the gray paint - looked at some browns, but with so much wood against the walls I figured gray was better to tie in the floor?

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It looks like you didn't get an answer to your last post. To my eyes the floor tile and the pine don't belong The taupey colors and the wood (is it pine and maple?) aren't harmonizing. I'm not sure what to recommend. Perhaps some other folks will weigh in...

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Hi, sorry I didn't make it back in here earlier, I think it still has too much brown in it. How many boxes of the original tile do you have? Was it a big investment? Is there another area of the house you can use it in or even sell it? I only say this because it may be worth considering starting fresh. I know I'm sorry but the way I see it is, you've waited a long time to have the space done and it's worth the added expense to ensure it's right the first time. The tile should all look cohesive and that may be a really hard tile to do that with.(hard to tell from a picture) The bottom line is, you don't want it to look like it was piece milled. KWIM?

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I've got 120 sf of the wavy-edged tile. That's not too brown, is it? You mean the stuff I have on the deck in the last couple of pix (with the grayer bullnose)? I just bought a couple of cases, can be returned (I already returned the really brown stuff today).

I really can't do anything about the pine (whole house is stained pine trim and doors), and since we've never even put a countertop on the vanity we ordered from the builder, I don't think DH will let me buy a different one. I had ordered the maple in Toffee to almost match the natural cherry BR furniture.

The only things I can change are the paint and the deck tile. Help! The pine trim isn't stained yet, I do have a little leeway with that but it will have to match the maple, I just can't paint it with no other painted trim in the house.

(and of course it's piecemealed - remember the Johnny Cash song about how he built a Cadillac from pieces he "acquired" over the years? That's my house! Vanity, tub and shower are from builder 5 yrs ago, floor tile bought about the same time, Delta ORB fixtures bought 3-4 yrs ago, still need to buy paint, deck tile, and countertop!)

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Check out HD brazilian slate. It may match what you have for surround. We installed in our renovated bath. Let me know if you wold like pictures.

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Thanks - do you mean to use the slate *on* the surround, or use it on the floor to match what I bought for the surround? I can always get more of that (Artisan Raphael) for the floor, but I don't think DH will let me buy 100 sf (@ $1.77/sf) to do that when I've got 120sf of the other that's been sitting in our WIC for almost 5 yrs (I also have about 150 sf of tile that matches our kitchen tile sitting in the basement, in case we had to replace the kitchen tile b/c of lousy installation - wish I hadn't returned the extra foyer tile I had after installer reset the whole foyer, b/c it's starting to come loose again.).

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Yes for the floor. It's look like it will go well together, but could be costly. I didn't realize the amount of floor space you have. I only needed 25 sqft.

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Oh, if I wanted to replace the floor tile I could do it with the same tile I pick for the deck. I'm still leaning toward the Artisan Raphael (pix in the 3/14 7:58 am post). Brought home a piece of Lugano something and didn't like it at all.

I only need 90 sf or so for the floor - bought extra just in case. Do you think wavy-edged tile would look strange on the tub deck? I sure wouldn't use it on the walls, and I'm afraid if I used it on the deck then I'd *really* be stuck on what to do with the walls (wood wainscoting?)!

I may have found a source for $35 (each) maple doors to use on the tub apron, I could stain them to match the vanity. Did that (in oak) at the old house. With some maple 1x4's as a face frame ($2.12/lf) it wouldn't cost much more than the maple tongue & groove wainscot I was thinking of, and would give easier access to plumbing. Not that we should need it much (last place had a whirlpool so I definitely wanted access there!).

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