3 y/o Boxer - Forgot House Training???

rachierAugust 28, 2009

Hi, I'm a newbie here and this is my first post!

We have two dogs, an almost 3 year old chihuahua and a 3 year old boxer. Both have been successfully house trained and have minor accidents once in a blue moon, usually when they are sick or when left alone for a long period of time (rarely happens).

We recently went on vacation and were gone over a 4 day period. We had someone house sit and watch the dogs...and after putting the pieces together I don't see how she could've done things as asked and had as many problems as she did (but that's another story). The dogs had MULTIPLE accidents while we were gone. We were shocked to say the least as this is EXTREMELY out of the ordinary. (We've been on several short and extended vacations in the past few years and have NEVER had any problems with the dogs and a house sitter)

My problem is our boxer has had close to ten accidents inside the house since we've been back (over the course of a week and a half). It's like all of a sudden he's developed amnesia and forgets that he's supposed to go outside before relieving himself. One morning we were laying in bed, talking and trying to wake up and the dog lifted his leg and went all over the dvd player and cable box in our bedroom! He's gone on the recliner and the sofa, the kitchen floor....I've been frustrated to the point of tears many times in the last week and I really don't know what to do! I'm at a total loss - please help!!!

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I know this is a standard answer on this forum, but its a good one. A trip to the vet is in order to rule out any medical problems.

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I wonder if your house sitter left the dogs inside for long hours, and your boxer caught a bladder infection as as result of "holding it" for so long? Easy to diagnose if you get his urine tested.

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Are your dogs fixed? Need info on both dogs.
Do you leash walk your dogs?If so how often and how long of a walk? If not where do they go and how often (what is their schedule)
What kind of training have each of the dogs been through?
Please post and I can help you when I learn more about them Thanks

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I agree - go to the vet to rule out a UTI. If your boxer truly has regressed, which could have been caused by the possible inadequate care by the sitter, you will have to start at square one with housetraining, just like when he was a pup. This time around, he should 'get it' faster, since he's been trained before.

Mazer, please read the original post again. This is not a case of inadequate training and exercise. The dogs were fine, but unfortunately left with a sitter who did not do a good job.

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Wow I can't believe I didn't even think of a UTI! We'll definitely try to get him in next week (we live in a small town, everything is only open M-F). :P In the meantime, I think we'll work on hardcore reinforcement of "the basics".

As weed30 said, this is not due to inadequate training and exercise. Unfortunately, we left them with someone who simply didn't do the job.

Thanks so much for your input! I REALLY appreciate it!

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rachier how are you cleaning up the wees? try not to use any cleaners with things like ammonia in them because to your dog they may smell like another dog has peed there and he's going to want to pee over the top of it so it can create a cycle. some of the enzyme sprays can be quite good at neutralising the smell but I agree he needs to be checked for a uti and some re-enforcement to get through to him the toilet is outside

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weed - I DID READ THE OP, I READ ALL OPS VERY CAREFULLY. I also know that issues with pets are not always straight forward. Which is why I usually ask questions when I suspect there might be something else a foot. This may be a UTI, but it may be behavioral and not just because the dogs were left for an extended amount of time. The dogs have reached maturity and if one or both are not fixed this can start issues, on top of being in a stressful situation, such as being left. My questions are important to determine the cause and not just make stabs in the dark about what is wrong.

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