Help with exterior trim

gail363March 31, 2014

I posted in the paint section, but it was suggested that someone here might be able to help. I need to select windows and I am having a difficult time. The trim color is reading pink sometimes and in the afternoon the frieze board is reading gold. I don't want either color. I think it is reflecting off the orange/red brick. The mortar color is gray Magnolia. I am going to paint out the trim, fascia etc but I need to know the trim color in order to select the windows. I am holding up the contractor. Please can someone help. Thank you

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Bronze or black, would be my suggestion.

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Could you do a mid gray color with a different color front door, perhaps, either a deep color of blue, black or deep charcoal.

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Look at cobblestone path and ocean floor for trim and door, respectively. I am doing this from color chart on line but you can look in the store and make a better decision based on in situ charts and paints.

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Thank you so much. I do want to change out the door color.

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