2 labs needing a home

jan2August 19, 2009

I hope this type of message is OK to post as I do not want to get in any trouble for doing so. I received an email from a very good friend, who received it from her vet tech friend, about 2 female labs that need a home due to unfortunate circumstances with a move. They are both spayed and have ID chips. Cookie, the yellow, was 3 on December 10th and Coco, black or chocolate, was 3 on April 1st. They have been raised with kids and are very well trained. Their owner wants them placed together as they are bonded to each other and she feels it would be best and less upsetting if they had each other. The only contact email I have is from the person who knows of them

needing a home, not their owner, but I was told she will be able to help. It is: mary.labeau@dlapiper.com.

I do not know what part of the country these dogs are in or anything else. I have seen a picture of them and they are lovely and hope someone will want them.

Thank you,


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Hmmm, I got an email Monday with pictures of Coco and Cookie from a friend in Kansas City----who got it from another friend in KC.

The email offered is not the same.

Now, I am a naturally suspicious person as well as being a person who likes helping people.

This one raises a red flag as possibly being a hoax. No address or other hard information, a wonderfully touchy/feely story and lots of loveable other things.

Just the thing to tug at someones heart and then have the fraud exposed. Makes me mad. In fact, I am in the process of investigating to see iff I can pinpoint the location if this is real.

I hope it is and it turns out well----but my gut instinct is it is not.

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Great News!!!!!!!!

This story was not a hoax. The actual situation occured in January of this year and was successfully resolved.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cookie/Coco have a home

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Definately not a hoax,they were from the jackson,Ms area.I learned about them thru the animal shelter i volunteer at[in madison ms].Beautiful dogs,tragic situation.


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