Could I have hurt my dog with a dremel?

jeanninepc99August 5, 2009

Hey all, I usually stick to the home decor forum, but I need a little feedback on this and thought I'd post here.

I have a two year old golden retriever who is extremely fit and athletic. I am a voracious reader about all things dog-related and decided long ago to use a dremel on his nails instead of clippers.

Last night, we had a grooming session and it went just fine...I filed his nails down, brushed him out, cleaned his ears, and brushed his teeth. Everything seemed just fine, though he was a little hyper afterwards, but he's a young golden and that's not totally unusual.

My boyfriend just took him out for a walk and to play ball this morning and called me at work to say that Baxter is favoring one leg. I asked him to check over each part of his leg to see if there was any reaction and there was none. I asked him to look at the pads of the paws and he said they didn't have any debris in them.

I did not hit his quick when I was filing, but is it possible that I simply went too close and the pressure is causing discomfort? I told my boyfriend to take him inside and keep him from the usual running around until I can get home, but I just wanted to get some thoughts from a few other dog owners.

Obviously, if there is no improvement or any worsening, we'll be off to the vet, but I'm wondering if I should be looking for anything else.

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one thing i do know is that dog nails are VERY sensitive. I've had a couple of dogs of mine have the hard part of the nail become dislodged from the flesh underneath and they are so lame from that! It's very painful for them.

So i think you might be right - you dremeled a little too far and he's sensitive. Can you push on the nail and see if there's a reaction.

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IÂve been using the Dremel on my dogÂs nails for years. Never had a problem, they get used to it. Go slow, as it heats up fast. Just a word of caution, donÂt Dremel down to the quick.

IÂm sure their nails can be sensitive after having this done. They get used to it. I find the Dremel to be safer and more effective than clipping as nothing breaks or snaps. I put the Dremel on low, start rounding & flattening the tip of the claw. Take the Dremel away every couple of seconds and put your thumb on the nail, make sure itÂs not too hot. With practice it gets faster.

Hopefully your Golden will be back to normal soon!

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I have been using the dremel for two years without any problem, but thanks for the instructions. I did not hit the quick, I'm just trying to figure out if even going near it can be a problem of if it's protected.

Oh well. Thanks for the input.

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I too have used a Dremel for years and I dont think you can do damage unless you really are not paying attention.
I think your dog probably had a cramped muscle or her leg fell asleep while you were working on her. Other than steppig on a bee or something like that. Keep us posted.

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I don't think it was the Dremel either. One of the most common problems in dogs is lameness - acute or chronic or temporary. Especially in popular purebreeds like Goldens.

If the lameness persists, go to the vet and rule out anything obvious. Get a prescription for the anti-inflammatory Rimadyl - there are chewable formulas - if your vet doesn't stock it send the prescription to 800 Petmeds or somewhere else that carries the chewable.

I would start giving her a daily joint supplement, combining Glucosamine/Chondroitin.

I hope it's just a temporary issue.

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I have used my Dremel for about 20 years- on the big dogs. Never had a problem either. Hope his soreness is gone/diminished by now.

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