By pass diagram needed for series water heaters

lsstMarch 27, 2014

I am replacing both my electric 50 gallon water heaters. I have 2 in series and that has worked well for us.

I want to bypass with shut off valves so that if one heater has a problem, I can bypass, repair or replace it without having to shut down the other heater.

Can some one direct me to a diagram or help me with the best way to accomplish this?

The cold water enters the tank on the right and the hot exits the tank on the left.

Thank you

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Modify your piping as indicated in the picture below. Use full-port, quarter-turn valves. During normal operation with both water heaters in use, valves 2 and 5 are closed and the others are open. To block in the water heater on the right and use the one on the left, open valve 2 and close valves 1 and 3. To block in the water heater on the left and continue to use the one on the right, open valve 5 and close valves 4 and 6.

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A standard bypass would use three full flow ball valves, which flow better than the gate valve you have on the right side pipe.

Standard bypass solution
1 - for each water heater, add a ball valve in both vertical pipes (you can reuse the gate valve, but a ball valve would be better)
2 - for each water heater, put a T in each vertical pipe at a point higher than the ball you first installed valve; run a pipe directly across between the T fittings and put a ball valve in that horizontal pipe

Normal operation for each water heater - left and right valves in the vertical pipes are open; valve in horizontal pipe closed
Bypass: close the valves in the left and right vertical pipes and open the valve in the horizontal cross pipe, water will run through the horizontal pipe and bypass the heater

You can also do a google search for a water softener bypass and find a lot of diagrams online.


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Thank You!
I saw diagrams for water softeners but I was not sure they would apply to my situation.
You guys are great!

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