I'm losing the flea battle! HELP!

lizAugust 21, 2011

We've had dogs for years...and have always managed to keep fleas at bay, by spraying the house, the yard and frontline/advantage...

About 5 years ago I got a long haired cat...all of our animals use the doggie door and back yard...of course the cat jumps the fence and goes where she wants...but not far...she's smart enough to know the dangers of venturing out...but she's the one dragging the fleas in...

What do you use on your cat? I've never bathed her...It might have to come to that...hubster says I might have to shave her...OMGOSH!! I'd think she'd have to be put under for that kind of treatment and it sounds inhumane!

Do you have any advice? We use advantage monthly and have been spraying them with Petcor...they all seem just miserable!

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Got my cat from local shelter at about 10 weeks old. At initial vet visit, she was treated for fleas... one of those tube thiings that squeeze out onto skin. At that time, fleas weren't a BIG problem... more of a preventative.

WELL, about 6 weeks after I got her, my house was LOADED with them!?! June is 1st cat and totally indoors, so I was totally confused as to WHERE these critters were coming from. She likes to lay by screen door that opens to back yard and I thought maybe they were coming THRU the screen??? They are pretty teeny, after all. Vet said that most likely the few that she had when I brought her home hopped off and snuggled into carpet. Then hatched a few weeks later to cause all kinds of bedlam. She HIGHLY recommended a spray called Siphotrol. Had to vacuum the H outta every soft surface... mainly carpets... moving as much furniture as possible and immediately disposing of vac bag OUTSIDE house tied up in plastic bag. Spray did NOT require "evacuation" of house. Went down like those carpet cleaner sprays... upside down can and fine mist... not smell to speak of. Only had to "quarantine" kitten in bathroom for an hour or so until the spray was thoroughly dry... only slightly dampened carpet. Was told not to worry about any rooms in house that did not have carpet... like bathrooms or kitchen. Did this ONE TIME (over 2 years ago) and have not seen a single flea since.

Got spray from vet. A little pricey (about $15-20 a can) but WELL WORTH IT... didn't even use entire can to spray livingroom, 3 bedrooms, hallway/stairs and diningroom.

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WOW, that sounds like a product I'm interested in....We have 3 inside cats and sure enough, I've seen them scratching and I know there is a flea or 2 (or more)....I did a google on that product and it got a lot of good reviews....Do you know if you can get it at Petsmart of one of those pet places?
Thanks for posting, this is great!

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Use Advantage or Revolution on ALL pets in the house - indoor and outdoor cats and dogs. Use it every 4 weeks faithfully and very soon the fleas will be gone. Make sure to use the correct size based on body weight.

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