What is the name of this granite

MtkgalMarch 17, 2014

Hi, I am a long time lurker on this forum and I am hoping someone will know what the granite we have selected is also called. Our fabricator calls it New Golden Beach, but a search on that name didn't bring up anything that looks like our granite.

Here is a pic of the slab (sorry about the poor quality image, the lighting was not great):

Here is close up shot:

The granite has white, grey, garnet, some yellow and dark grey veins.

It will be installed next week. I'm hoping if I can find what this granite might be called other places I can find some inspiration pictures for backsplash tile options.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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a fabricator near me has a granite called golden beach as well. did you try the site for msi stone?

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Yes, I've looked at MSI, they have Golden Beach, but it is not the same. New Golden Beach is more white and grey than yellow.

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It looks quite a bit like astoria, at least in those pictures. Very pretty.

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You need to see this granite installed in your own home, with your lighting.
You will probably be able to go in many different directions with this granite.
What are your cabinets?

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msi has representation of older stones i think. i say this because their pics didn't match the actual stones i have seen. also i was at a granite yard this weekend and they had 2 typhoon bordeaux slabs, the older one was much darker than the newer one. new golden beach could be what they are calling the slabs coming out of the ground now
also astoria doesn't have garnets splotches in real life (at least the slabs i have seen) and it more bland in color variation

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ellendi - our cabinets are maple stained to a cherry color. Floors are natural oak. Here is a fairly recent picture

This one shows more of the kitchen from when we first moved in (before it was painted - wall color now is SW-Latte)

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I also think it looks like Astoria

Here is a link that might be useful: Astoria?

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ktj495 & athomesewing it does look a lot like Astoria. Thanks for your input!

I found some pictures on marble.com when I searched for Astoria that show it in a kitchen with very similar colors to mine: http://www.marble.com/materials/granite/Astoria#1505

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Nice kitchen! Are you planning to also do the 4 inch backsplash? I'm not a fan of it if you want to do a tile backsplash.

For your cabinets, I would look for a cream toned tile.

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ellendi - no 4" backsplash, just tile. I think I am leaning to either a cream colored subway or maybe a travertine subway. Our counters get installed in 1 week, I'll begin my tile shopping once I see them in the space.

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