Cat growls when DH is outside

may_flowersAugust 22, 2012

We adopted Gracie a week ago and she's settling in just fine. Every morning DH goes outside and puts peanuts on the fence for the critters. Gracie watches him from the sliding door and growls. She'll run when he opens the door to come back in unless he talks to her. Does she not recognize him when he's outside? She's fine once he comes back in--tail up and goes to him for pets. She's cautious but doesn't seem fearful of anything else.

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That does sound odd.

Do the critters appear while he's outside?

Maybe she's growling at them.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

It's only been a week, give it time.

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Thanks, Bumblebeez. It's been 15 years since we had a new kitty, so these new behaviors are sometimes puzzling.

She's been watching the critters, so it's definitely him. She's been fine with new people visiting, so it's something about seeing him in the backyard.

Funny story about the kitty we recently lost...Toby was sitting in the window when he suddenly freaked out and flew out of the room. DH looked out the window and saw a clown walking down the street to a neighbor's party. So if any of your neighbors are clowns, be aware that it might scare your kitty. ;)

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Well, cats are just strange sometime. Mine are nearly 15 years old and still freaked out at the vaccuum cleaner and the door bell among other things.

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If you can figure out cats or will be a Billionaire many times over,lol

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We have a similar situation with one of our cats. She loves watching the birds on the bird feeder but she does not recognize my husband when he is outside filling the feeder. She also doesn't recognize him when he is indoors and wearing a hat. I would think think that she would recognize his scent, but she is afraid of him until he takes the hat off.

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Cats and horses - you just never know what they are thinking.

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She finally got over it. It's interesting when you have a new cat who is so different than what you've been used to.

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may_flowers, I am glad to hear that your cat got over her growling.

I don't know why I didn't think to mention this last night, but our female cat has been hissing and growling at our male cat. The male cat had a urinary blockage and the vet had us confine him to a laundry room until he got better. Once he got better he was released from the laundry room and our female cat, who used to get along fabulously with him and curl up with him, has acted like she doesn't even know who he is. It has been about a week now and it seems like the hissing and growling is subsiding a little. I hope they are back to being best friends soon.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

This just reaffirms what we all know: animals have personalities! They are not all the same, just like "humans" are not all the same.

So glad everything is alright.

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Newbuyer, I have heard about cats rejecting a cat who returns from the vet. I think you have to go through the introduction phase all over again. :(

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