Hooking up fridge water

doc8404March 1, 2012

Can someone tell me what fitting I need to hook up the water feed to my fridge please?

It was originally fed with 1/4" copper tubing connected to the fridge by means of a 1/4" compression fitting. Now I have 3/8" LLDPE tubing run to the fridge and I'd like to know what John Guest fitting to use to connect the two.

I had an old JG female adapter flare - (3/8 x 1/4 flare) but it doesn't want to thread properly on the fridge. It seems to try to cross-thread immediately so I'm not forcing it.

Do I have the right fitting? If not, what should I use?



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Use threaded fittings, not push on.

Do not use a 'saddle valve' either.

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I just bought a new stainless steel fridge last month. I tried hooking the water line up myself but couldn't. I just called my local plumbers. They are Thousand Oaks Plumbing. Here is their web address www.1000oaksplumbing.com. They completely the job quickly and affordably.

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Ummmmmm. . . . ematthews - I'll ignore the fact that you just signed up on GW today as most spammers do and simply point out that the service call for a California based plumber to come to an Ohio address would be just a wee bit outside what I am willing to pay.

But thanks for your concern ;)

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