KAW - Week of 3/29 to 4/5

andreak100March 29, 2014

Time to get another KAW (Kitchen At Work) threads going. I always love seeing what everyone's up to in their old, new, or being remodeled kitchens.

We're still mid-remodel...I'd say that we're at about 70% done, but appliances are in and functioning. :)

DH gave up traditional sweets for Lent. This is huge for him...he's probably the biggest junk food person I've ever met. So, it's a giant sacrifice for him. I've been looking for ways to make it a little easier and fruits are still options for him to obtain that "sweetness" he craves. I'm not certain that the "cookies" I came up with are the all-time best cookies ever, but they fit within what he's allowed and are fairly healthy for you to boot. Anyone gluten-free...these will work for you too.

Banana Oatmeal Cookies
1 ripe banana, mostly mashed up
1/2 cup plain instant oatmeal
- mix together ingredients. Bananas can still have some lumps
- place as 1 teaspoon-ish on sheet and form and slightly flatten (these won't spread or "puff", so what you see is what you get)
- place on greased cookie sheet or parchment lined (they stick for sure)
- bake for about 10-12 minutes in a 350* oven
- mine yielded 9 cookies

* you can add in many different things to these cookies to suit your tastes. For the batch that I made this morning, I added:
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/4-ish cup golden raisins
1/4-ish cup chopped pecans
1/4 cup of almond meal (I haven't tried it with the almond meal before, so I'm curious to see how this turns out)

I would say that you could add any other nuts you like or most any dried fruit

They seem to lose their banana flavor within a few days, so they aren't long keeping cookies. I also put any that aren't eaten right away in the fridge.

As an interesting note, the cookie sheet I'm using was made in the old PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad) shops for my grandfather - he was a foreman there and the sheets are one of my "prized possessions"...there may be fancier and more beautiful sheets out there, but they are my go-to sheets because of memories.

What's everyone else up to in their kitchens (or makeshift ones if you're remodeling)?

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I like your cookie sheet story. It's fun to have things around with personal history like that.

Anything with almond meal has to be good. Love that flavor in baked goods.

I don't have a picture but I stumbled upon THE MOST DELICIOUS FISH CHOWDER IN THE WORLD this past week. I used some of the northern pike that we caught out of our little river this winter. Coconut milk, cilantro, lime deliciousness. It's a keeper recipe for me now. Check out the link, so good!

Here is a link that might be useful: The best fish chowder I've ever had.

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If only I had taken pictures of my KAW! The kids came home for the weekend with their kidlets and this morning I was busy in the kitchen making Mickey and Minnie Mouse pancakes with chocolate chips and fresh blueberries. Add in a pan of cinnamon rolls and everyone was stuffed. They were home less than 24 hours and the cupboads and fridge are almost bare. I forgot how much milk they can go through! Next time I am going to buy bulk!!!

It is a wonderful feeling when your daughter-in-law sends a text that it was so much fun and that we need to do this more often. I agree!

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I think I forgot you are supposed to cook in your kitchen. My fridge is empty, that doesn't make it any easier to cook.

Probably time to run to the grocery store but then I should start a new thread: CAW, Cars At Work. :P

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Deedles - I am so making that Brazilian chowder this week - YUM!

Andreak100 - those look delicious and how very healthy. As soon as I have a ripe banana I'm trying:)

Not too much cooking here this weekend, working on DD's room. Keep the recipes and pictures coming!

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oldbat: if you do, let me know what you think. Make sure you have lots of cilantro... so good in there.

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deedles - I'm a bit of a sentimentalist...the sheets have been in storage for a while since I didn't have a good place to keep them in the prior kitchen. Taking a further stroll down memory lane - I talked with my mom about using the sheets over the weekend and we discussed my grand-dad further - and that back in the day when he had them made (probably 1950's), those types of things were considered "perks" of where you worked...now, it would be considered stealing from the company you work for. Interesting how things change.

That soup sounds great! Dh isn't a "fish person" though...wondering if it might work substituting chicken instead. I'd prefer the fish, I just think it might be tough to get my hubby to eat it! Sounds really yummy...can I come on over to your house the next time you make it? :)

Hope that more folks contribute to this KAW thread...I love seeing and hearing about what everyone has going on in their kitchens.

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I'm sure chicken would work or even some veggies like zucchini and yellow squash or butternut squash. The fish wasn't the best part really, it was that awesome broth.

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I don't have a picture, but I have been making homemade hummus over and over. Found a great recipe on Allrecipes and in just a few minutes I can have a batch whipped up. Yum. Hubby and I are trying to lose some winter fat, so we are using carrot sticks instead of pita chips.....

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I am cooking and cooking as usual, even though I have no counters, no drawers in my cabinets (and I'm doing drawers), and no island. I did install the 32" super susans a few days ago so I have some bliss :) . Still some more electrical (dh) and cabinetry install before we can have templating for the perimeter counters. The island will never get finished due to structural/design issues. I have a heavenly temporary install of dishwasher/sink/faucet.

Last night we had French baguette, chuck beef roasted at 300deg for 5 hours in an herb-red wine sauce, and mustard dill green beans. Yum.

Tomorrow is dh's birthday. The place is a disaster but our neighbours - a family of four - are the kind of dear friends who are always welcome. We're having them over for dinner. Dh is making prime rib and potatoes, and I'm making a lettuce-apple-walnut-fennel salad, and trying out a new recipe:

Flan de Arequipe (Dulce de Leche Flan)

Wish me luck! Right now the dulche de leche is being made in the oven. I'm not much of a dessert maker but I've been working out of my comfort zone more.

I got a minikeg of Heineken for the guys, red wine for the ladies, sparkly pomegranate for the kids, and I'll be serving suffering b@stard cocktails in honour of my husband who is doing all the tricky stuff in the renovation:

1 oz bourbon
1 oz gin
1 oz fresh lime juice
4 oz good ginger ale

My life can't wait for a reveal :)

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deedles - I've got to try to remember to grab cilantro when I'm at the store this week so I can try that recipe with chicken. I usually grow cilantro in the summer, but for now, I'll have to buy it. Everything in it sounds delicious, so really looking forward to it.

Heidi - homemade hummus sounds good. Do you add anything to it or are you more of a hummus purist? Good luck with shedding the "winter warmth layer". :)

feisty - sounds like you're doing great with the sort-of kitchen that you have. And what a brave woman to have company over mid-remodel! You are a much better woman than me. NO ONE is allowed in our house right now if they aren't either a.) living here or b.) working on making the place livable again. Happy birthday to your DH!

During the week, I made Ethiopian Beef Tibs. Took no pictures though. First that I've attempted anything Ethiopian at home...our favorite (of only 2 in the city) restaurant closed and we've been mourning the loss as it was one of our regular places to go. Bought some berbere at Penzey's back prior to the reno starting and this was the first time that I made the effort. Turned out quite good, although I was a bit more generous with the berbere than I should have been. Taste was fantastic, but it sure did clear the sinuses!

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OK, now I am craving fish chowder, hummous, AND Ethiopian beef tibs. I don't even know what they are but I'm pretty sure I'd like them ;) .

Mid-remodel is the BEST time for me to invite people. For once, I have an excuse for the mess!

I am striving to become a better person in the housekeeping department. I used to be great...before I had kids a decade ago. Freshening up this place with a new kitchen and some improvements will inspire me :) .

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Sorry I have no pictures but we had a nice Porterhouse steak for dinner. We usually do them on the grill but I found this recipe by Bobby Flay and I figured if the grill master himself does it this way, it was worth a shot. My husband was skeptical, but it was fabulous. I served it with Parmesan roasted cauliflower, zero leftovers!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bobby Flay Porterhouse

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Been cooking but too busy to post :)

Andreak100 - I made the banana oat cookies one morning this week. Kids were not a fan but I scarfed them down. Will make again for DH (I picked up some almond meal yesterday). Maybe even this morning :)

Deedles - the fish stew was a hit, but I think I added a little too much cilantro. I used lemon instead of lime; would use lime next time. DH, DD and DS all enjoyed!

VERY hard to photograph; apologies for the raw fish pictures in early AM :)

Tuesday night - Brazilian Fish Stew with haddock and tiger shrimp. At this stage, you cover the seafood with the other half of the sauce, add a can of (lite) coconut milk on top, cover and steam for 15 minutes. (There's a LOT of salt in the recipe).

Later in the week - finished up the tiger shrimp on the grill, with a peanut ginger dipping sauce.

Not this week but may repeat today. Lately I've been roasting trays of vegetables (little drizzle of olive oil, 350 degrees for an hour) then Vitamixing them with chicken stock, water and/or milk. I cook whole grain rice separately and then add that (so I have some texture) at the end and pulse once or twice.

And yesterday - my standby baking powder biscuits.

Off to make pancakes and bacon!

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Porterhouse question? It appears that you only brown it on one side, is that correct?

Our demo starts next Monday, the 14th, so we have been using up the food in the fridge/ pantry. It has been slim pickin's here, we've been eating a lot of pasta with whatever we can cobble together. All these pictures of gorgeous food have me drooling.

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On the porterhouse, you brown it in the pan on one side, cut off the bone and reassemble with the browned side down and then finish under the broiler. It was really quick and easy and so yummy!

And I feel for you on emptying the pantry, we had some interesting meals during that stage!

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fishymom - the porterhouse looks delicious! Both DH and I want to try it.

scpalmetto - Good luck with the demo and upcoming renovation! Be sure to take lots of pictures now (if you haven't already).

I remember the empty pantry days - it was sort of nice to run through everything. I should try a week with only buying milk and vegetables and trying to use up what I have....

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Thanks fishymom, the recipe says crust side up and that didn't make sense to me.

I will take pictures and only wish I had started before I started emptying the tops of the old cabinets and the counters, it looks sort of naked now.

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Brazilian fish stew - I think I need that in my life. Living with 2 fish haters right now :(

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Wait, what are the vitamix roasted veggies all about?

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Soup! I take it into work and eat it at room temp around 11 am. Delicious, filling and low cal!

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Oops, I guess I did it wrong then, lol! The broiled top was nicely browned, but not crusted like the pan seared side. I will try it the right way next time, just for kicks. But it was quick, easy and yummy, even though I can't follow directions!

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Feisy68-if they're hungry enough....much better chance they will eat and like. (Wisdom passed down from my father). Also, while they might not like it the first time, they may the second or third. My rule has always been that the kids need to try at least one bite of anything new. I'm so very pleased in how willing they are to try anything new I make. Good luck!

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Oh oldbat2be, my children have proven over and over that they would rather starve than not eat something they don't want. They are skinny and not that interested in eating. They both like RAW salmon sushi. Dd likes cooked halibut, but otherwise they refuse. Fortunately though ds has been branching out so fingers crossed.

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Well the dulce de leche flan was a huge hit for 7/8 of my diners tonight :) . Yummers. Including the birthday boy, my husband

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It's a little late for this KAW, but I want to thank deedles for the fish stew recipe, and oldbat2be for the pics that prompted me to make it. Truly the best fish stew I've ever had, and I just used grocery store cod:

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fouramblues: Nice! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, looks perfect. I can't wait til we catch some more fish so we can make it again.

Was thinking this would be fun to make a huge pot of this summer and plan a party around it.

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Fouramblues - so glad you were inspired; fabulous picture! I was hoping to show that but couldn't - gloppy looking pictures - yours was perfect. You conveyed the yum that I meant to. Best, oldbat2be

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