what do you all think about whole house filters?

jeanweddingMarch 18, 2013

bought two of the"C' brand diy types one for sediment and one for taste for our well ,We are newbies to wells...
Are there any brands of the filters that are better made than others?.Have been readings lots on here for over a year..
We did have some testing of well Not worried about bacteria etc more of other stuff like hardness and nitrates....
" alice in wondeland" said to post pic of our setup....will soon
No way for city water with all that blank blank chlorine .. Supposedly "city water"..... according to health shows;;;; etc ,,,,on radio has over 400 known carcinogens
If need be WE will go the hydrogen peroxide route..
.Presently we have a great countertop system.... we bring in the blankey blank city water from a relative. Hubby tired of doing so... lugging jugs around
thinking about Ro system like in previous house.... but it makes water dead and no minerals right???
We are oldsters ...DIY selfers.... in this old but new to us ...in this semi rural money pit house

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Any filter is great IF the following criteria is met:

1) You know WHAT you want to remove from your water.
2) You know WHY you want it removed.
3) You have water ANALYSIS and filter SPECIFICATIONS to ensure the filter will work.
4) The filter is PROPERLY SIZED for the flow you intend to put through it.
5) The filter is INSTALLED PROPERLY.
6) Regular MAINTENANCE is performed.

You say you are concerned about hardness and nitrates. Do you have analysis?

Hydrogen peroxide - For what purpose?

What type of countertop system do you have?

I don't even know what you mean by "makes water dead." Yes, RO removes most of whatever happens to be in your water. If you are concerned about nutrients - eat vegetables. If your water is your only source of vital minerals, you have much, much bigger problems to worry about.

You've posted previously - I recognize the writing style. For future reference, unless your post is about a new issue, everyone here can be much more helpful if you simply add to your existing threads rather than starting a new one. Keeping all the information in one place will make it easier for all of us. And please, try to write so that we can understand. Punctuation, complete sentences and completed thoughts help incredibly. I'm really not trying to be a witch here - I just want to be certain of what you are actually asking.

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Oh before forget there is black stain at bottom of toilet bowl
... I noticed simlar at local Farm store ladies public restroom toilets lastyear when we first moved here. They look like store replaced with new toilets since...
I dont wanna be witch either
Only results I can find are a bottom ofthis post

Please.... vegetables I eat fresh every day...... All the stuff even organic ( store bought.....WHICH i BUY) and grow some myself... store bought long stay on shelf which preversatives added....have no nutrients unless you grow them yourself and eat right away.....
How many big farmers use crop rotation??? the minerals are depleted from the soil.
I am not trying to be a witch either(LOL)
I do appreciate your knowledge and help , thank you
I read this years ago......
well back to the subject of filters>
Can a filter be oversized?
we just are using the Hd350a model
Hubby just completed installing the 2 units. One with the 50 polymicron sediment filter and the other with the poly outside carbon inner 25 micron filter unit
Missed out on the state testing.... Sure did not see it posted in local paper, which we subscribe too.
...... I am madder, than heck about that.
I called around all over here and tried to find testing other than the next county which tested only for bacteria.
This area used to be a whole lot more rural... but everyday I see farmers selling off their land in auctions. they are also dying off. so the subdivided farms down the road are yuppy grass covered......
most are on "CITY CHLORINATED , chlorormFLORUDATED TO DEATH......
they can keep that cause I am a big water drinker...my favorite beverage....
We took our water sample hurriedly to be tested driving the distance last spring.... Gentleman , really nice guy, show my Hubby around the lab.....He said it was in the acceptacle range...... I know,that can change day to day,,,,just common sense
Did find one in big city (an independent lab) they wanted a lot for each test.... still have the kit.....
Mailed in one too(big national company) the results came back..... guy recommended reverse osmosis for drinking and a softener.......
Berkey is my countertop system.....
The one, whole house filter,had one temporarily on just the wash machine line for 2 weeks. I was tired of going to the laundromat.... for almost a year....
also still have one the nice carbon shower filter...
Hubby took off that whole filter and housing and took a magnet to it.... he got some rust off
He than placed that two week old filter cartridge and unit as the 2nd of the two units..... side by side int he crawlspace right after the water from the pump enters the house....
I guess that is normal... the rust that is,, and some sediment
We do not know the age of the well etc...
so far just two kitchen type sinks, one lavatory and one toilet.l..and a shower. and a portable old dishwasher....
Just the two of us
i wash clothes..a lot cause I am a gardener and DIYselfer
I will definitely, change that sediment first filter more than recommended and the carbon one more than rec, ,too....
so so far does that sound good???
results of tests, . but I do remember that hardness was high
also we had someone testfor floride I believe it said
hardness 12.86 gpg
ph 7.54
iron 0.00 ppmas fe
tannin 0 ppm
sodium salt 215
tds 435 as Ca Co3
turbidity 0 NTU UNITS as amt visible
color 0 units
sus matter 0 as detected in sample
Iron bacteria 0 as detected visually
odor 0 as detected in sample
Thanks so much

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1. Filter type: I am assuming these are cartridge-type filters. Is that correct? Without a brand name, the filter model does me little good. Cartridge filters should be changed every 6 months. What size are the filter housings? What size are the cartridges?

2. Sediments: The 50 micron sediment filter will removed particles from your water. Do you have sediment in your water?

3. Organics/metals: The carbon/sediment filter will remove slightly smaller sediment, some heavy metals and organic compounds. Do you have those in your water? If you are filtering drinking water separately, what is the purpose of this filter? The capacity of your carbon, coupled with water analysis will determine how often the filter should be changed. Picking an arbitrary time to change the filter may actually do you harm. Carbon, once it becomes fully loaded will not only quit removing constituents from water, but will release those things it has previously filtered during pressure spikes (like when a well pump starts up).

4. Filter size: For practical purposes, any cartridge filter you purchase for home use is not going to be oversized. You are much more likely to have undersized filters.

5. Berkey filter: These seem to be geared toward removing biological, large organic molecules and metals. Is there a reason you are concerned about those particular issues?

6. Analysis: Are those numbers from your current well prior to treatment? If so, they make little sense - If your sediment filter is collecting iron, I would expect to see iron in the analysis.

7. Chlorine: If you have a well, why are you lugging city water?

8. Hardness: You mentioned being concerned with hardness. Nothing you have done so far will have any effect on hardness. A softener is the only thing that will remove hardness for your entire home.

9. Nitrates: You mentioned a concern with nitrates, but didn't test for them. Analysis is the only way to know.

10. Well: How deep is your well? There should be a paper in your pump house with the name of the well drilling company and the well depth. If you have absolutely no idea, your location will provide a rough idea.

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