Best melting 'white chocolate' chips

linnea56December 19, 2010

I keep trying brands. I used to have ones that worked, but it seems like they've changed their formulas to hold their shape, to be used as chips on cookies, rather than melt. Even melting discs, did not melt right (?!) I'm almost convinced white chocolate has it in for me.

Last year I went through so many bags, different brands, and none melted. I tried microwave, double boiler (my preferred method, as I can keep it over the water while working), nothing worked.

My 19 year old daughter's white chocolate dipped strawberries did not work. We stayed up half the night, and she was so disappointed. She was going to bring them to an extended family dinner, and wow everyone. She almost cried. I probably spent $20 on white chocolate, only to have bags full of hardened junk chipped out of the pans/bowls afterward (still awaiting some possible use, in the back of the refrigerator).

The best melting regular "chocolate" chocolate turned out to be Trader Joe's big blocks.

I know you can buy Almond Bark making blocks, but I read the label on those, and it was not appealing.

Every Christmas I want to melt some to at least drizzle on candies or chocolate dipped cookies. This year I'll ask here first!

Thank you for your help.

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I just used Ghiradelli white choc. chips to go in the Margarita Balls (Cookie thread) but the choc. chips were mixed in and worked great. Don't know how they would have worked for dipping.


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Ghiradelli melts perfectly...and don't have a lot of "interesting" things in the ingredients list. Albertsons "upper" level White chips have quality ingredients too.

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I've melted Ghiradelli chips in the microwave and they melt fine.

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I have had the same problem. I tried a package of ghiradelli, and I agree with the others. These are the best by far. I found that microwave works best for melting them. Also, if you are having trouble getting white chocolate smooth enough, a tsp of shortening will smooth it out a lot.

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