Gas hot water tank odor

kel3March 26, 2011

My husband installed a new gas hot water tank a couple of months ago (I had asked another question about it back then). It is installed in a fairly large enclosed furnace room in our basement. When you open the door, you can definitely smell natural gas. With the old hot water tank (gas as well), there was no odor. My husband has checked it and made sure everything was tight, but there is still the odor. Is this normal with some natural gas tanks or should we be concerned and do some more investigating?

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You should not be smelling natural gas. The gas itself is odorless. An additive is mixed in so when you smell it, something is amiss.

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Buy some leak check and hit EVERY joint.

Even a tiny leak will smell, and the leak check will find it.

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Thanks for your responses. I will look for some leak check at Lowes or Home Depot tomorrow.

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