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cal12March 19, 2014

We recently purchased this house and would like to update the look of the exterior. The siding is James Hardie Navajo Beige. The brick is painted a darker moss green. The shingles are 8 years old, and while they wouldn't be my first choice, we probably won't replace them just yet. We would like to keep the project as budget friendly as possible.
The big decision right now is wether to try to work with the siding colour as is (since Hardie board is more or less maintenance free) or to paint it. If we keep it, we are considering getting wider trim around the top floor windows in a cream colour. As for the brick, would painting it the same cream colour as the window trim look good? Any other colours you would recommend painting the brick to go with the current siding colour?
The alternative is to paint the hardie board, and that opens up a whole new can of worms! We do like the 'iron gray' colour of Hardie board, so we may try to paint it a similar colour.
Either way, we would probably choose a cream colour trim. Also, we would like to replace the front door and garage door with stained medium brown wood doors (glass in the top of the garage door).
Lastly, we are considering building larger columns for the porch. We like craftsman style houses, so we will probably build some broader bases that taper near the top. Oh, and those lights and three little shrubs have to go!
That being said, these are just our ideas, and I wouldn't be posting here if our minds were made up! Any ideas, thoughts, or advice are greatly appreciated!

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I like the idea of changing the garage door to stained wood with windows.

I like the green brick, though. I think it gives the house a sophisticated, striking look.

I'd leave the brick the color it is and paint the trim black. I would paint the siding, though, maybe Benjamin Moore Stone Harbor, which would look beautiful with the green brick and black trim and add to the Craftsman look you want.

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A vote to paint the entire house in that gorgeous dark moss green.

Then switch the upper windows to a style that suits a more craftsman house -- and do the windows and their trim in a soft creamy shade.

I do like the color of the front door -- but paint out the trim to match the door.

You could keep the garage door as is -- and paint the trim to match the dark moss green.

Love the idea of enlarging the columns and adding a tapered base.

Switching out the outdoor lighting to an arts & crafts style would be great.

Consider widening the walkway with bricks -- and add larger Japanese style garden with gravel around larger stones or boulders and low garden lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lamps Plus -- possible outdoor lights

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Also like the stained doors plan and replacement of the fixtures and little bushes. I'd make those changes and then evaluate the paint again, but it looks on my screen as if the siding color is a bit bright -- maybe a bit yellow, for the brick color or the brick color is a bit muddy for the siding color. You can probably go in either direction, or a different direction entirely, but I'd try to bring them together more.

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Congrats on the purchase of your new home. It looks lovely!

It looks like I'm the dissenting voice here: I would NOT paint the siding if it is maintenance-free now because once you go down that road, you're stuck with repainting every couple of years. Not sure if you'd do it yourself, but in my area it would cost thousands to have it done.
Also, I personally like yellow-beige houses. Maybe not sophisticated but cheerful and inviting.

I'd probably paint the whole brick close to the the color of the siding or similar and go with darker accents (blue, black or green).

Below is a link to a discussion of updating the exterior of a similar house.

But honestly, at this point, I wouldn't embark on painting the brick if it's in good shape but rather try to work on the landscape, path, etc..

Here is a link that might be useful: Updating similar house

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Thanks for the replies, and thanks nosoccermom for the link. It really comes down to a decision on wether to paint the siding or not. It definitely isn't our first choice in colours, so that is the struggle. Do we make the best of it, or do we go with something that we really like knowing it will need maintenance over the long term? Suppose we decide to paint (which we are leaning towards) what colour scheme would you choose for the siding and brick?

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On the garage doors....have someone come out and replace the top section with a window section. Will save you money. Also wood doors are pretty but they are high maintenance. You will need to keep them sealed to keep them from cracking, and this is especially a problem if they get the evening sun. One of our houses had wood doors. It seemed that the added weight caused the springs to break more frequently.

Our current house has hardie plank and have had no issue with paint. A previous house that was cedar seemed to always need a paint job every five years. (That house looked a lot like yours but was a dark brown.) The current one we have painted twice in 20 plus years. The last time was probably five years ago. Still looks like new. But again it may be our mild climate.

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I agree with nosoccermom. I probably wouldnt paint the siding either because that would kind of defeat the purpose. I think its the door and garage colors thats throwing everything off. The stained wood sounds like it would really tie the colors together better. Its a very attractive house and i like the two-tone look, but a slightly lighter green is also an option. PPG Woolen Vest is a nice shade.

I attached a Ben Moore palette based on the color capture app. Assuming the berber is the siding and the sienna is similar to the stain color, basil could be the brick color. Staining the doors and updating the landscape as suggested would probably be the best idea first. At least it will give you some direction for other color choices. Can you tie in the green and navajo beige with some accessories on that wonderful porch you have? Copper or bronze fixtures would look nice too. To achieve a more craftsman look, i would loose the slight arches over the porch in favor of something more linear. Sorry that was so wordy, but i hope it helps.

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Here's one more with the darker brick color. Knitted cape is a possible trim color perhaps.

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Thanks flufee, the Berber white is a good comparable to the siding colour... The picture seems to make it appear more yellow than it is. I definitely agree on removing the arches from the porch area.
Housefairy, interesting to know the longevity you have had with the paint on your hardie board. Definetly makes it more of an option. As far as the garage door goes, due to the maintenance issue you mentioned, we would probably end up going with a fibreglass finish that looked like wood. I've seen too many beautiful wood doors look pretty rough after only a few years. Good suggestion on replacing the one panel though, hadn't thought about that and could be a lot cheaper.

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Try to get an estimate on the paint job.

You probably have already done that, but here some houses in Hardieplank Navajo Beige.

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Hi nosoccermom, Would you happen to know the color and brand of the roof of the picture you posted showing the house sided in hardie plank Navajo beige. I am going to be siding my house in hardie Woodstock Brown with Navajo trim, and I think this roof color would work. Thanks.

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No, no idea, but below is the link to the job info (including fascia color etc.). There are two other houses with that color palette.

Have you googled images Hardiplank Woodstock Brown? There are lots of houses

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardie Plank Navajo Beige

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