Excessive meowing

JulbeanAugust 15, 2011

Here is the low down.My cat is just over a year old.

He is Maine coon,neutered,indoor only.

He is an only cat.

Ever since we got him at 8 weeks old he has always meowed a lot.

It seemed to get worse once he got around 6 months old and maybe becoming sexually mature,so that was when we got him neutered.

The thing is,he still meows incessantly.In fact,I would call it more YOWLING or caterwauling.

Sometimes he will do it for a reason, (if his food bowl is empty) but most times we haven't a clue what it is that he wants.

He especially likes to get up in high places and do it.

He doesn't have any health issues.He uses his litter box fine.We always keep his food bowl full.He is a happy cat and very loving,and purrs often.

He wants CONSTANT attention and love (which I actually really like about him).He follows me from room to room and often supervises whatever I'm doing.

For his age he already seems very smart.He prefers to drink out of the faucet instead of a bowl.He knows his name very well,and many other words.

I feel like maybe he is not stimulated enough or something.

Perhaps he wants outside...I don't know.But he cannot go outside as it is dangerous around here.

It's like he just doesn't know what to do with himself half the time.We play with him and stuff,give him catnip,but it doesn't seem like enough.

I'd get another cat,but I'm really not sure I can afford another one.

I have gotten to the point where I can kind of block it out,but it drives my husband crazy.

Any suggestions?

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No answers for you, but have to tell you--he's so beautiful!!!!! What a handsome little (!) guy!!

One of our cats is very vocal, and has a quite insistent, guttural "grrrr-rr." Most of the time we know what she wants, depending on where/when she's grrrr-rrring, but other times it's anybody's guess!

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what a cutie! I've always wanted a maine coon.....

If it were me, I'd seriously find a way to get another cat. We had a female that cried & yowled at night until we got another cat for her, which she immediately began playing with, & no more crying at night. Barring that, maybe twice a day do 15 minute structured play/training sessions to get some of his need for attention satisfied. But I think maine coons tend to be very smart and need more interaction that average cats. Good luck with him, he looks like a sweetie!

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What a handsome boy! I love Maine Coon's!

I'd agree with jomuir above, he needs someone to play with and keep him occupied. Find a shelter cat that is already spayed/neutered and has it's shots ... less initial costs for you. I don't remember ever just having one cat, I've always had multiple cats/dogs so they have lots of company.

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Thanks :)
He is a real joy despite the meowing.I didn't set out to get a maine coon,people were giving them away as kittens and that was how I got him.I really do love his personality!

In truth he acts more human or dog like.He has his own chair at the dinner table and sits there every night when we eat.
He LOVES people food and frequently sneaks it if it is left out on the counter.

Here are a few more pics of his hi jinx:

One of those was him getting into a bag of Marshmallows!

I had a feeling the suggestions would be to get another kitty...
I definitely would but I'm not sure how my husband will feel about it.He thinks one is hard enough.But I do think if he had a companion it may help.I think he just gets bored and lonely.

Thanks so much for the responses :)

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Two are really no more work than one.

But one thought- do you talk to him? My mom used to have "conversations" with Cheese (her name was Cheese because she whined)- when Mom stopped talking to her, she stopped trying to start conversations.

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Lol! I love that name,that is so funny.

Ooooh...yes,I DO talk to him often! He responds almost as if he understands too.I wonder if that could be it.

Well,I will talk to DH about getting another kitten.Couldn't hurt to try I guess.

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He's beautiful, and your pictures are great! I've had four cats in my life (so far), and out of those four my black-and-white neutered male is by far the most vocal and attention-demanding. He did drive me somewhat batty for many years because he was so high energy, so vocal, and followed me constantly. At the same time, I loved him to pieces. At the age of 12 he has finally mellowed a bit. But Julbean I think you are just dealing with a guy with a great personality. Enjoy him! And yes, do get another kitty for him--you won't regret it! He's young enough to adapt quickly to a newcomer.
Sally (calico) and her brother Basil

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I agree that two cats are the ideal number, but if you get another one, be sure that the new cat likes other cats. We had an only cat we thought was lonely, so we adopted a second to keep him company. He was thrilled and wanted to play with her. But she would have nothing to do with him. She liked our dog! She is now twelve and still doesn't care for other cats. He has since passed away, but we have three other kitties and she won't have a thing to do with any of them. I don't know if Maine Coons are supposed to be particularly vocal, but he may just like the sound of his voice. Two of ours like to call about and talk to us. One is part siamese and she really talks a lot.

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I have almost the same cat but she's a Bengal breed. Yup, the crying can make you nuts. (I have 2 Bengals but the other one is a very quiet mouse). There's three reasons why she cries. 1) sometimes she's just talking 2) when she's bored 3) when she's frustrated. When she's just talking it isn't annoying at all it's just a meow meow here and there. If she's bored, that's an easy one. I can call her and she'll come to play a game (usually fetch). I read the Maine Coons are supposed to be known to fetch also. It's a fun game you can do from the couch. If you find the 'right' toy (can't tell you what it is, they pick) he might play fetch with you. Other times it's as simple as tossing an acorn (she carries them in from her kennel) on the kitchen floor and she's good for an hour. Or there's always the ratty ferret toy that she'll toss up in the air for herself. If she's high energy at bedtime she might carry a toy into the bed for me to throw. I try to change up the games so she doesn't get bored and entertain her enough so she doesn't even get there. Does it seem to subside when you start entertaining him?

The frustrated one is the cry that makes me nuts and I wonder if that's what's going on with him. The frustration can be easy to fix (like if the acorn gets stuck under the fridge). There's a big cry cry cry until I get it for her. She just had an episode because I was leash walking them. They loved it. But at some point it was over-stimulating for her (just her) and when she came in, it was a non-stop crying fest (like for 2 hours in a row) to go back out for a walk. So, I had to cut her off from walks because it was too much and the whaling eventually stopped.

I can't say what's going on with your guy but from my experience, I think you might have some type of frustration on your hands. Maybe the key is if you can re-direct his attention or not (I couldn't when my cat wanted to go for another walk). If he's never been outside, I'd lean toward that isn't the issue (unless there's something he can see going on outdoors).

I found two high-energy cats are easier than one on a daily basis and much happier (but that's cat dependent of course). There are some drawbacks though so it's something to think about. You've got 2x the food, vets, etc. Also, if one has an issue (litterbox comes to mind) it's hard to figure out which one!

I don't think you can make a determination if he needs a playmate or not unless you test it out. If you are considering another cat, think about getting another MC or a similar energy/snoopy type cat. It might be more fun for your guy (and you). The Maine Coon Rescue group might very well have one that you can foster. Fostering is a great way to make a determination about a committed ownership.

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