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kitaseiMarch 24, 2014

I am considering installing a water softener to ameliorate our hard water and calcium buildup. The immediate purpose is to save our new glass shower doors and appliances, but longer term I think it is wise to do for the inaccessible pipes in the slab (although I understand it will have nothing to do with the hot water heat pipes.) Because of space constraints, the water treatment company has recommended a Masters Water Conditioning MP-MCS-48 unit, together with a Quno cartridge filter. (The need for the filter is annoying since we already have an Aqua Pure filter, but it is in the wrong place to connect to the softener.) Any opinions about these products? Thank you!

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I couldn't find reference to an MCS - is it perhaps MCA? If that is the case, I'm not a fan of the Vortec system they use. It is a somewhat flimsy piece of plastic, prone to breaking. A simple gravel underbed does a better job withou zero possibility of breaking.

The first step is always analysis. Without knowing your water conditions, no one here can possibly tell you whether the equipment is appropriate for your needs.

First, what are you trying to remove with the Quno(Cuno?) fitler? Is it for sediment, chlorine, what?

City water or private well?
Water analysis (pH, TDS, hardness, iron, manganese)
# of people in the home?
Any high water use fixtures?

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