Whole house softener first, or filtration first? and more Q's

mudwormMarch 7, 2011

In my naive view, it makes sense for the water to go through the softener first, and then the whole house filtration. But the system in our basement seems to be backwards. Is it screwed up?

We purchased our house 4+ years ago. They were already (installed in 2004 according to the disclosure). We never paid attention to either of the systems. Now, we decided to pull our acts together and do the proper maintenance.

Water Softener: 5600 Econominder

Filtration: Auqasana EQ-300 after two pre-filtration (20 micros and 5 microns).

For the filtration, we seem to just need to order the EQ-300 and the filter cartridges and replace the whole system (pretty much).

For the water softener, I think we should rinse out the brine tank (looks a little gunky) and start adding salt. I think we need to figure out the settings. There is nothing we can/should do about the resin tank, correct?

Did I forget anything?

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Well, yes and no.

Inasmuch as you seem to know little about such things I would recommend you hire someone to straighten you out and get you launched. Learn from them. You'll be able to handle it yourself after that, I'll bet.

Household water supply is basic. Needs to be right. Don't pretend you know stuff that you don't. Due respect to members of the forum, I recommend you get a knowledgeable person on-site.

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Typical water treatment should be: First: particulate filtration (most of the other treatments steps can't handle the solids) - your prefilters perform this function. Second: Chlorine (city water -softeners are damaged by chlorine) and VOC filtration, typically GAC (carbon) - your EQ-300 performs this function. Third: Iron, sulfates, manganese (not typically necessary with most water). Fourth: hardness - the softener takes care of this.

So, your setup is most likely in the correct order. You do want to get someone with expertise to look at it though. At present, you have no idea what type of shape any of the equipment is in - a water treatment pro can help.

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Hi aliceinwonderland_id , thanks for reassuring me that the installation was right. I thought it would be because the plumbing seemed to be well thought out in the basement, but just wanted to confirm.

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