HELP!!!! fluoxetine/reconcile/prozac for cats

homebodymomAugust 26, 2010

Has anyone had success using this med to stop a cat from spraying/urinating in your home? The stray we found a few months back has been peeing in our home as well as his litterbox.

He had 2 full physicals, 2 urine checks and a full blood panel- kidney,thyroid,diabetes,crystals,UTI, etc..... Hundreds of dollars later ( for a found stray I might add- my hubby is going to kill me) nothing physical has been found. If it matters, the poor thing has been declawed front and back, and I have another cat (indoor only male)at home. He was urinating in my daughters rooms- the only rooms with carpet, and spraying on the walls nears his litterbox as well as going in it. I have treated the carpets with the peroxide/baking soda/dish soap combo as well as Natures Miracle and banished him from those rooms. His litterboxes (3 of them) are in the guestroom which has a laminate floor. He is now urinating is the litterboxes as well as on the floors. He has never pooped out of the box.

Yesterday my vet had me start him on 2.5 mg of Fluoxetine/prozac 1x daily. He said he has had success with it for behavioral urination problems.

PLEASE share any thoughts-personnal or professional-thanks and sorry so long.

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I'm usually a lurker on this forum but this is one topic I have experience with! My 17 year old cat (13 lbs) has been on 5 mg fluoxetine/day for about 3 months now. His spraying behavior did stop and I wasn't very confident that it would. One thing though, it did take 2-3 weeks for the behavior to stop so I was initially disappointed but luckily I continued with the medication.

Currently I'm tapering him down to 2.5 mg/day and he did urinate outside his box after only 4 days on the lowered dose. I'm going to see if this continues at the lowered dose...hopefully not. I'm not sure if there is an option of keeping him on 5 mg/day for life because that may be what is needed.

I'm very pleased with the results up to the tapering down of the dosage. He seemed a bit spacey (not really lethargic though) for the first couple of weeks but since then I didn't notice any obvious side effects. One other thing, fluoxetine is on the $4 generic list at Target, Walmart, etc. So it's not too costly which is great.

I think it's great that you are trying this and I hope you have success. I know all the exams, tests, etc really add up and that can be frustrating when the behavior isn't changed.

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I hate to see cats having to stay on medications but when all else fails, at least there is some kind of solution. It's good to read how much you are trying to do for this stray. Spraying issues are so frustrating.

It sounds like you have been trying everything! When you first brought him into the house, how was he introduced to your cat and the house? Did you isolate him in a room for a period of time? Have you tried putting him back into an isolated room (with all his supplies) until he behaves without incident and then slowly giving him (monitored) introductions to the house and the resident cat?

I hope not to sidetrack your thread but could anyone qualified comment on a hormone shot called Depo Provera? I hardly ever read anything about it for spraying issues other than from breeders taking their studs out of commission. (It comes with great success stories). It's probably a completely different situation but I've often wondered if this was an alternative to having to dope up kitty cats.

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thanks lidders and kittens - that sounds like a kitty product doesn't it?

I am happy to hear about the success with your kitty. Did your vet suggest you taper the dose? Stanley weighs 9lbs so maybe that is why he is on a lower dose than the 5mg that worked for your cat. I hope is doesn't take 2-3 weeks- argh!!!! May I ask what you used to clean up the mess, and did it work? Stanley wont eat pill pockets- how do you get the pill into your cat?

When we first found Stanley, he lived for 4 weeks in my daughter's bedroom. Then for another 4 weeks, we kept the door open, but blocked off to my cat (who Stan dislikes) and dog (who Stan doesn't care a lick about) so he could come out IF and when he wanted to. After a while he spent more and more out and about in the house. We moved his litterbox into the guest room in addition to my other cat's box.
Since the accidents started , at night, and when no one is home to watch him, he is in the guest room, with 2 litterboxes (I check that they are clean 150 times a day it seems) fresh food and water. He is having accidents in there as well. I am going crazy :"

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Oh no! It's just awful when they pee in the house. I totally sympathize with you. I only dealt with it once because I switched litter brands too fast, but that was enough for a lifetime! I wanted to forward an article to you with a laundry list of what might trigger this problem. If you would like to email me, I will send it over. Maybe you could find something on the list that will help while waiting for the meds to kick in.

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If worth anything, may I suggest putting one of the litter boxes at least temp. in another room, perhaps back in his original room. I've noticed my one cat to play a stalking/staring game when the other is preparing to or using a litterbox sometimes. Could this be an assertive thing?

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How is Stanley doing? Any improvements yet?

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thanks again everyone.
So far, so good! Stanley hasn't had any accidents in a couple of days. He is banned to the guestroom with his litterboxes at night and when no one is home. It will take me a long time to trust him again in my daughter's rooms. Putting the litterbox back into the original room is not an option as it has wall to wall carpet, and I finally got the smell out of there. If anyone is interested, the peroxide/baking soda,dishsoap formula is amazing. Just to be sure, I followed it up with Natures Miracle Advanced formula.
Dosing the medication is a nightmare! He refuses to eat the pill pockets, and the pill shooter my vet gave me is to big for the pill (the pills get cut into 1/4 s, and just fall out of the end of the popper). Thank goodness the dose is just 1x a day, because the mornings are tough..... If this continues to work, I am thinking about having my pharmacy compound it into a liquid form. Has anyone done this, and was the liquid easier to give a cat?

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It's great to read Stanley is being a good boy and the medication started working so quickly. I've never done the compounding before. I know some places will let you take home a sampling of the different flavors they carry (with no meds in them) to see which kitty will prefer before making it up. Compounding sounds like a really good approach to me! Have you tried hiding it in a bit of canned food already?

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To get my cat to take the medication I put the pill inside an empty gel cap and then put the gel cap on top of Fancy Feast. My cats all wolf down their food (if they were dainty eaters this probably wouldn't work). You could ask your vet for some of the smallest size gel caps (since the 1/4 tab is pretty small) and give this a shot. I give my cat his medicine at night and I'd say he eats the gel cap up (it has no taste) about 90% of the time. If not, I grab the gel cap back and give it to him the next morning in the Fancy Feast. My cat sitter has taken care of him for two weeks and he took the pill everyday for her.

I think a lot of CRF cat people use these gel caps...that's how I got the idea. Google empty gel caps and cats and I think you'll find some information. My cat is super friendly but super smart...there was no way with my skill level for me to pill him everyday. My vet thought my idea was crazy but so far it works for me.

I'm glad kitty is doing well!!!

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I brought the fluoxetine pills from my vet to my local pharmacy and had them compound them into a liquid. They even added a fish flavor. Now I just squirt the dosed amount into his food, and no more fighting. He is still doing great on the meds. Please keep your fingers crossed!
Thanks again

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That is good news, and I hope your kitty continues to do well. We love our compounding pharmacist!

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I had a female cat with a long history of urine marking. I knew one of my cats was doing it but for several years couldn't figure out which one. She finally did it right in front of me so I took her to the vet. They put her on fluoxetine. She had been marking around the house a lot, probably 3-4 times a day for over two years, it was an severe problem.

After 1 week the marking stopped. I kept her on the pills for two months then tried to reduce the dosage and it started again. It was difficult to reduce the dosage using the pills because they don't divide very evenly, especially if you try to cut into quarters. I think that was a big problem when trying to wean her off it. Eventually, I was not longer able to get her to take any pills so I switched to a liquid.

I found the liquid easier to get in her and it was much easier to control the amount she was getting. Every 6 weeks or so I'd reduce the dose and watch to see if she did any marking. Often the peeing started again, so then I increased it to the regular amount. I had to keep her on the medicine for about 8 months, then I was able to gradually wean her off the medicine over about a month.

Once I weaned her off she didn't mark at all for over a year and then she did have a relapse while we were on vacation. I put her back on the medicine for 6 weeks then stopped it, that was about 4 months ago and there's been no problems since. It definitely works, you just need to carefully monitor how your cat is doing with it.

I'm glad it's working so far for your cat! I also think it works best as a liquid so you can control exactly how much you're giving.

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Can you tell me your baking soda/soap thing for cleaning the carpet. My cat peed on my brand new sofa and I'm sick about it and the stench is bad!

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Blot up as much urine as possible asap.

The combination is 16oz Hydrogen Peroxide + 1 teaspoon liquid dishsoap ( dawn, palmolive, etc) + 1 tablespoon baking soda. Mix together as much as you need to thoroughly drench the area. I doubled it the first time because I wanted to make sure it went through the carpet, pad and onto the concrete flooring below. Pour on the area and leave it to soak in and dry on its own- do not blot up. Repeat as necessary.
*test for color fastness first if concerned about staining.

Good Luck- it worked wonders for me

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fluoxitine can be compounded into a cream to apply to inside ear tip. Check with your vet-- they can get premeasured ear cream or compounding pharmacy

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just about anything can be compounded into a transdermal cream... problem is most don't work (drug is poorly absorbed)... we gave up on that many years ago after we realized it wasn't working, and then heard in a lecture at a conference that only a very few drugs reliably get absorbed that route... with methimazole being really the only one that actually worked well that way.

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The fluoxetine has helped so far with my male cat spraying and urinating outside the litter box when company comes. He is a sweetheart with my husband and myself but hates having people in his home. He went from yelling at people and trying to intimidate them to peeing on their luggage (bedroom doors are now closed off when company is here) to spraying and occasional urinating. Where I am happy that the drugs are making him not do things that ruin my carpets he is doing a few other things: occasionally pooping outside the litterbox(in totally different rooms)- he stopped grooming himself(he is a long haired cat so his beautiful coat is nasty ) and I can only get him to let me brush him a little bit, not enough to make a difference - and he is now pretty skittish with my husband and myself only occasionally letting us love him up. Has anyone else had these issues? Thanks

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I have been thinking of using an Rx for my male cat. I lived in an apartment for 3 years and then bought a house. After living in the house for a year, my male cat Larson began to spray and spray a lot. I also have another cat, which is his sister so I didn't know which one it was. We went to the vet and they were both fine. The vet thought it may be the sister Leah. When I got them home I watched Larson spray the door. He is neutred. I got another littler box and washed everything. i shampooed the carpet and checked every place for smell. I was told to use vinegar for the smell and that really removed the smell. I also use the Natures Miracle. The spraying stop for about 3 months. Then mating season arrived and the neighborhood cats seem to like my yard and the spraying began. Now there is also fire works which isn't helping the issue. It is about once a day instead of 4 or 5. He was also peeing on the floor by the litter box until I put less litter in the box. That helped. Now it is just the spraying. He seems to like the verticle blinds on the back door.
I was thinking of the prozac for him and then he stopped but now that he sarted again, I am weighing the options again. From all I read the medication seems to help. I am glad to hear that. I am wondering about if it will alter his personality beside just altering his behavior. He is a sweet and funny cat and I wouldn't want for that to change. Any comments on that? Was there a change in the personality or just the behavior. From what I read it took a couple of weeks before change was noticable.
I must say this blog was a huge help for me. Thank you for this community.

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Other than our cat being sleepy for the first few days,there was no personality change at all. The meds were a miracle for us :)
Good luck !

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Are you seeing continued success with the medication and urination out of the cat box?

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Stanley is no longer with us :( He developed cancer in 2012 and we had to put him to sleep. He was a sweetheart. The medication did completely control his behavior the entire time.

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This thread has helped so much. With the Hydrogen Peroxide solution, to learning about the compounding the medication to make it more easy to administer. My female kitty "Misty" is going to be on this medication. I am praying it helps,because my husband has had enough of the urination out of the box. I mentioned to the Vet today about compounding the meds... I sure hope it isnt' expensive. Is this something we can buy at a regular pharmacy walmart? Thanks for you help! ..and so sorry about Stanley.

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Thanks Tina,

I filled Stanley's prescription at a local ( privately owned) pharmacy that compounds meds and does a lot of work with the Vets in the area. My vet phoned in the prescription for us. Most areas have at least 1 pharmacy that offers comounding. I doubt Walmart will have this service available. Make some calls and I bet you will find one. Mine even gave me a choice of "flavors" - Fish, Chicken, Beef, etc :) Good luck with your Kitty !

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Tiffany Marshall

My cat just started to spray & we had our other new cat since December, so not sure what is going on. Anyway, the breeder had him on prozac after they got him fixed & recommended putting him on it again to see if it stops. I got some nature's miracle too, he has went on the 2 doors & the dresser so far at our bedroom that I know of, because each time I caught him in the act. The vet gave us liquid form without asking, so it obviously comes in liquid form. He spit it out yesterday, so I mixed it with his wet food this morning & he ate it all. I paid $18, so if it can be bought cheaper & I have to keep doing this, I may try going to another place to get it. Hope it helps!

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Please - try Feliway plug-ins before bringing out the big guns.

They do not always work, but they do often enough and when they work, they really do work and you should be able to see results within 1 or 2 weeks. Meaning that it calms all the cats in the household and can resolve territorial issues. I found that it helped get my cats over some humps - once they chilled out and got used to each other, I found I could discontinue using it after 4-5 months without any relapse.

And, did you follow the proper protocols when introducing the cats? If not you can go back to square one and start with that again.

You know, even if you're committed to the pharmaceutical approach, Id still add the feliway just to help ensure that the new behavior is going to "take" and that you can at some point discontinue and not have any relapses. Sounds like he may have had a rough start in life so just being in a reliable, loving home is going to be a big part of him eventually calming down and feeling secure.

This post was edited by kashka_kat on Fri, Mar 7, 14 at 9:53

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Tiffany Marshall

I have tried Feliway in the past with no results, but I have also considered maybe trying those spirit essences too that Jackson Galaxy recommends.

The cats were introduced properly, and I was actually quite lucky that they got along so well so soon, but then they both came form multiple cat households from the beginning, so that may be a factor as well.

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I can't figure out how old these threads are. I'm so sorry about Stanley. I lost my Joey a year ago to cancer. Such an awful awful thing. He was a major member of the household. Autumn is the one who sprays and marks. In 2010, I took her to a behavior vet. I did everything she said but Autumn still sprayed. That's when I put her on Fluoxetine. She was great on it; she stopped spraying; became more "loving"; was more relaxed & was a "better" kitty. I also kept the Feliway plug-ins going in ALL rooms, ALL of the time. I changed the litter to Dr. Elsey's (the cats love it) got an enormous litter box and some other things the vet recommended. Years passed & I took Autumn off the Prozac. Almost a year to the date of Joey's passing, she began to spray and just squat & pee, like ALL over the house. Horrible. She never did that B4. She otherwise seemed okay, chortling & playing & stuff, but not only peeing but pooping, too. I took her in to see our vet to see if there was a physical something up; NOTHING wrong w/her, it's all territorial. I put her in a bathroom upstairs. She seems to like having her own space. I started her on the Fluoxetine again, and I think I'm going to have to keep her on it. Autumn is going on 9. I love her dearly, what a precious girl, but she has ruined some things & this peeing is really really really really, well, for those of you who know, it's not good. So, implementing the Feliway plug-ins again, and not letting that go, and then also doing the Prozac (pills this time and not the liquid, which she would sometimes spit out and not take on wet food) I think will be her life-long thing. Mental illness or emotional problems affect kitties as well as humans, too.

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I found ALL these posts SUPER helpful... I have a 12 year old DIABETIC cat that started urinating and has ruined 2 of my daughters pieces of furniture in her room... We have tried Feliway that you get at Petsmart/Walmart/ the plug ins, a spray I can buy for behavioral issues and he's had the full work up w/ the vets... I am grateful for all the posts about #1 how the Fluoxetine worked and also about cleaning up the cat pee b/c that's been a frustrating issue... especially since my cat is diabetic he gets insulin twice a day and special food, none of which is cheap, glad to hear this hopeful alternative might be a cheaper and hopeful fix... THANKS!!!!

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I wish you luck with your diabetic cat... however, more than likely your cat is urinating for diabetic-related issues rather than anxiety (urinary tract infections are the most likely, with too high blood sugar being close behind... and at 12, renal disease also being a possibility)... however, fluoxetine (not super cheap by the way) is a pretty safe drug and if it helps your kitty stop urinating in inappropriate places, that will be great!

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Thanks lzrddr... Tonight was my diabetic cats first dose... I broke the tablet and he scarfed it up with his wet food... I did find Target sells the fluoxetine for $4 per 30 vs other pharmacies were $25-$30 for 1 month supply... I have taken him to the vets to check for all those things before trying the fluoxotine so my fingers are crossed this works...

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Try Dr Elsley Attract Cat Litter. It really works I had a major behavior issue with me female cat pooping and urinating outside the box. The litter really helps. I buy it from Chewy's.

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I just started my cat on this, so nothing to share for the meds, but for the dosing, I can share what works for me!

My cat is impossible to dose with liquid meds...she actually will regurgitate it if is thick, or make herself throw up by drinking tons of water if it is thin. SO...I like using tablets. I hold her head still with one hand (gently), and with the other one, quickly use my thumb (I have smaller hands, but I like using my thumb since the nail is on the side from that angle, and I can't accidentally scratch her mouth), from the SIDE, by her jaw, to push the pill all the way to the back of her throat. If you get it far enough back, it is swallowed immediately, without massaging the throat, etc. I make sure to have a favorite treat handy so she cat eat that right after. I put the treat out, pill her quickly while she is focused on getting to the treat, then let her at it! =)

It sounds odd, but it's so quick (going from the side like that, I am done in The key is quick, and make sure it's far enough back that it doesn't stick to her tongue!

I hope this helps!

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We have two female rescue cats, a Persian mix (Sassy) and a long haired domestic (Sadie). We had Sassy, 3 yo (August 2012) six months before acquiring Sadie, 2 yo (April 2013) and even though we followed all the directions about introductions, they still don't like each other. While they don't fight, they are always watching for each other and walking wide around each other. A few months ago Sadie started spraying and we've finally put her on fluoxetine. After about three weeks on the meds we've noticed that she's less affectionate and more clumsy, often falling when jumping. She used to run through the house like her tail was on fire but no more. The spraying is lessening but has not completely stopped and now sometimes Sassy is going outside the litter box, too. We have tried every litter on the market, every type of litter pan, even experimenting with depth of litter and placement. We currently have six litter boxes on four different levels. We have read everything we can find on the internet about cat interaction and elimination outside the box. We've even started a blog to share our journey. We doubt there is anything that we haven't done but if anyone has any advice to straighten them out or make them tolerate each other, I would appreciate it. At this point we aren't planning to removing one from the household but that option is always at the back of our minds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Suddenly There Was Sassy

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Those are just halogen-based drugs, flourides and chlorines etc. that block iodine, that serve only to make the subject more manageable at great cost to their health. Causes significant damage to liver, thyroid, pituitary, bones, mind. Works by making you basically 'not care' - causes calcification in the brain damaging fight-or-flight response. Serotonin theory was falsified (whole history of psychiatry lacks real science and look at how the drugs get pandered nowadays) - also serotonin manufactured mostly in the gut. Probiotics and diet can help improve behavioral and mental problems. (most cat food is pure garbage - corn, pesticides, no meat, waste, dead pets from rendering)

Herbs like oatstraw and short-term valerian can help cats. There are others based on the individual. Feliway helps a lot of cats. Diet change with meat and fats helps. Probiotics and food with enzymes. Finding causes that may not be noticed by humans is good (try the book 'cat vs. cat') - Can be caused by health problems not found by vet - not every vet is that good so second opinions might help (interview vets and doctors first - it is possible to become a vet and not know that cats can get fatty liver if they don't eat, thus misdiagnosing an obese cat that lost half its weight as having a cold, after $500 of tests no less, and send it home to die) If you have a cat on SSRIs, stop it slowly.

My health was trashed after being made to take psychiatric drugs, for the disease of not liking school - always healthy before then. They cause a fog in the mind and the culture says that if a doctor prescribes it, then its good, and you are crazy - so I was on them too long before pinpointing it as the cause of decline. (every emotion or behavior you have can be seen by a psychiatrist as signs of disease or signs of medication 'improving' you - no biological tests needed - one can easily lie about it and come out with a diagnoses and pills basically guaranteed.) It caused so many mental and physical problems, nothing but poison, disgusting that the poor cats (and kids or trusting adults) get put on this without true consent.

Snagged text - "Prozac is a fluorinated drug called "fluoxetine". - ssri drugs contain fluorine and chloride. Fluoride is present as a '4-fluorophenyl' compound, part of the 'active' ingredient.

In animals chronic administration of fluoxetine resulted in a decrease in both T4 and T3 levels.

In the 1930s is was first observed that all fluoride compounds, organic and inorganic ones, inhibit thyroid hormones. Numerous fluoride compounds were used subsequently as the first line of treatment for hyperthyroidism in various countries, for several decades.

Fluorophenyl compounds are potent inhibitors of the cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme system in the liver.

Prolonged inhibition of P450 leads to thyroid hormone reduction.

Fluoxetine has been shown to cause severe liver dysfunction such as hepatitis. Fluoxetine has also been shown to cause secondary hyperthyroidism - originating from pituitary dysfunction. Dyskinesia has been reported with use of fluoxetine. Fluoxetine showed tumor-promoting activity in rat liver , as did fenfluramine, another fluorophenyl-containing fluoride compound. "

Here is a link that might be useful: prozac/paxil facts

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Meds are to be used for a short time. Until a more safer alternative can be found. All too often this is not the case.
I wouldn't serve my pet water treated with fluoride.

There must be a way out from under these powerful drugs that do not cure.

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