Homemade Diet for Cats

betsyhacAugust 3, 2009

Does anyone here feed their cat a homemade diet and, if so, what is the recipe(s) and how did you come up with it? Is if freezable, and how do you know that it's nutritionally complete?



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In my humble opinion making home made cat food would be harder than dog food, only because their systems have more specifc requireents - like higher protein levels....No matter what you ocme up with please run the diet by your vet to have it approved. I have heard of people actually trying to feed their cats a vegetarian based diet and have made their cats very unhappy and unhealthy. Good luck

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While I haven't had cats since I was a kid, in my research for feeding my dogs homemade, I have stumbled across some info regarding cats. Mazer is right in stating that they do have more specific requirements for dietary balance. One of the resources I used for years before I raw feed my dogs was Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats. It explains all the important elements of the dietary needs of a cat and gives you recipes for balanced diets for them. Also, if you are open to the idea of rawfeeding, you could always go check out yahoo rawfeeding groups forums. That was where I started before diving into feeding my dogs raw. I never regretted switching my dogs to a homemade diet, whether it was cooked or raw. Best of luck & hope this helps.

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Is there a reason you want to do this considering there are many good canned (Wellness, Petguard, Evo, Solid Gold to name a few) catfoods available.
If you search this site, you will find several threads where this topic has been discussed. If you do a web search, you should come up with the names of supplement mixtures that are blended with fresh meats and come with specific instructions for cat owners.

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Dr. Pitcairn's book is great. Another good one is Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats.

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Another vote for Dr. Pitcairn's book and for Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats. Both are excellent resources and contain easy to follow balanced recipes.

Another option is BalanceIt.com They sell supplement powder that you just mix with the food, which was much easier to me than finding all the correct human supplement doses and cutting tablets into 1/33rd or something. Plus you can choose your meat and veggie source and they give you the exact amount needed based on your animal's current weight.

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Yes, I have searched this site and yes, I do know no vegetarian. I have concerns about and an extreme distrust of pet food manufacturers. I buy the best food that money can buy (except for Halo and Newman's - $$$$$) and my cats don't like it. In some cases, they no longer like what they used to, which I find really odd. I know that some of you are going to tell me they are finicky, but they always like real chicken and real fish and real meat. Times are tough; businesses are looking to cut corners. I trust my five cats' judgment. So, I'm going to give homemade food a shot. If they start turning their noses up at that, well, then I guess I'll know it's them, not the food. I bought a foodsaver and a freezer anyway for myself, so, hopefully, this won't turn out to be too big a project. (haha famous last words) Thank you, responders, for such great information.

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I feed my dog a raw diet, and have friends who feed their cats this way. Here is a good article about it.

One of my friends uses chicken necks and wingtips, organ meats, fish and she also buys pre-made raw cat food from a local store. I think it's Wysong brand.

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