Hot spot problems

carmen_grower_2007August 13, 2010

My dog developed hot spots (lots) for the first time 3 mos. ago. The vet shaved lots of spots and gave her a steroid injection. They went away and she was fine --- now they are coming back mainly on her head but others here and there.

I really need to figure this out because the last visit cost $150 and I can't afford much of that. Could she have developed an allergy to raw eggs or garlic that I put in her home-made treats? Are these common food allergies?

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Eggs and garlic are not common food allergies. I would say 99% of the hotspots I see are in dogs with fleas. So I'd focus the money on effective flea control. Garlic is NOT effective.

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Thanks Meghane. We have never had fleas on any pets here at the farm - strange but true. I just don't think they live here for some reason. Maybe mosquito bites? We sure have plenty of those this year.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I used to have hot spots with my dog, Murray. It only takes one flea. I agree with Meghane. Anywhere there are animals, there are fleas.

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Usually mosquito bites on animals produce the same short-lived reaction that people get- just a raised red lump that goes away rather quickly. I do see some more serious reactions on cat ears sometimes but not hotspots.

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