moving gas pipe

rockybirdMarch 27, 2011

I have a gas pipe that supplies the hot water heater and a fireplace. It used to run underground (you can see where it came out), but for some reason it was moved to run along the patio overhang by the entry, down the wall by the front door and into the house. We cant put it back underground because it would mean cutting the concrete. It really is unsightly and many people have remarked that it needs to be moved. I have a plumber who is doing all of the plumbing work on the house (install new faucets, toilets, etc.). He says it will cost $900 to move the pipe so that it runs along the roof (instead of along the overhang in plane sight), down through the roof and inside of the wall. It would only entail moving the pipe a few inches to a foot or so, but it means hiding it in the wall and putting two holes in the roof. We would not be moving the gas meter. I didnt know if this is a fair estimate. I would call other plumbers out there, but with him working on the house, I would feel awkward doing this. If this is a fair bid, than I will do it. Thank you for any help. I can post pics later today if that helps.

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Seems high to me. I had something like that done several years ago and it was about $200. Now your construction may be complicated in ways I can't see from your diagram, but it doesn't look that hard and shouldn't take very long. How about getting another plumber or two to take a look on the weekend or in the evening to get around the discomfort issue?

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