Whole house filter to remove chlorine odor

DreamingoftheUPMarch 2, 2014

I'm currently using a small cartridge screw-on shower filter purchased at Home Depot which has been working fine. (Filters replaced every 6 months or so.) I'm in the planning phase of a bathroom restore/remodel and would like to have installed a whole house filter to eliminate the need for the screw-on filter in my 2 bathrooms. I have Chicago city water and my town adds additional chlorine, so the odor is pretty strong.

I'm overwhelmed by all the different brands of whole-house filters out there. I'm considering the Perfect Water Technologies whole house single stage carbon filter (see link below).

I'm looking for any recommendations of brands that are good quality/reliable and/or comments on the Perfect Water Technologies brand and/or what to look for that would meet my needs. I'd like to at least have some idea on good brands when I talk to my plumber. Thanks in advance for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whole House Single Stage Carbon Filter

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Big Blue has a long history of reliability, at a much lower price point than the one you linked. For whole house applications, install either one 20" filter or two 10" filters in parallel, depending upon whether or not you have sediment as well. Either way, filter diameter should be 4.5", not the more common 2" size.

When you install the filter, make sure you install a three-valve bypass using quarter-turn full-flow valves. It will make your life much easier when you need to change the filter cartridges or if maintenance/repair becomes necessary.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll take a look at that company.

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Chlorine creates tastes and odors when there is only a small amount present and it is "dying off" since it only active for a short period of time. Water with good dose of Cl2 doesn't have taste/odor issues.

Removing the Cl2 from the water will take away the ability of the water to withstand contamination from germs.

If you are only having issues with strong odors it could be caused by chlorine dioxide. ClO2 is used by a lot of surface water systems as it is a very strong oxidizer and disinfectant. It does react with fumes from cleaning products, paint, wallpaper, carpet, vinyl shower curtains, hairspray, glues, etc,. We get a lot of calls about it especially when folks are remodeling bathrooms and kitchens.

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