Help with dining room

belladomMarch 13, 2014

I inherited this set, and not sure what to replace... table, chairs, chandelier, carpet, all?

I could cover the chairs white? sea grass carpet?

sorry don't know how to turn right side up, or post 2 photos at a time, will send another....

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I like the dining room set. Please post a picture from the family room side towards the dining room side. Maybe you could add simple panels at the windows to introduce some color. Does the piano need to be in that spot? If not, you could add a buffet and some larger art.

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Instead of having two threads, you should put both of them together; maybe move the pic from the other thread to this one. You can't put more than one pic in a post unless you use something like photobucket, but just reply to your own thread and add the new pics there. Sometimes you have to make a small change to the title of the post or it will reject it, but not always. Just keep replying and adding as many pics as you want. You may have to delete that other photo for it to appear here (use the edit feature in the upper left part of your message).

It looks like a nice set; it looks terrific with that rug, even as is, at least on my monitor. What don't you like about it, as it is now? Your kitchen is beautiful, but maybe some more photos of your rooms so people could get an idea of your style to help with suggestions. Do you need durable (as in kids eating at the table) or ???

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