4' corrugated black plastic pipe and rats

kal2002March 15, 2011

A friend has 4" corrugated black plastic pipes buried in the ground for water drainge. When she had drainage problems and there were holes in the ground, the pipe were dug up for replacement. She thought the tree roots broke them but as it turned out, the pipes look like they were chewed by some small animals. We are thinking of rats. Is that possible? If so, what can be done to prevent it from happening again?

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I suggest bait stations for the rat problem. A pest control outfit would be a good way to proceed.

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We have chipmunks and the occasional possum in ours. Isn't necessarily rats. Tell her if she wants some real entertainment, get a dachshund and watch it go at the pipe. All she'll see is an excited tail and a pair of back feet, and a distant, hollow "roof roof roof".

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How do you tell if the holes in the ground were made by rats, possums, or chipmunks? If she fills the holes with dirt, will they return?

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