Problem with dishwasher install?

kerchumMarch 1, 2013

I had a new Whirlpool Gold Series dishwasher installed. A few weeks after the install, I noticed a bad odor and buildup of gunk on inside of the filter and the bottom of the dishwasher. The repairman said that the problem was that the dishwasher wasn't properly installed - the 10 year old hose should have been replaced and the loop isn't high enough. The installer calls bullcrap and says the install is fine and that the garbage disposal is likely the culprit and needs replacing. I'm tired of getting the runaround and I just want it fixed. Hell, I'll even pay to have it fixed if someone could tell me exactly what needs to be fixed. But, at this point, the gunk that has built up in the dishwasher is disgusting and unsanitary and unusable until it's fixed.

The picture attached is of the hose installation. My dishwasher is not next to the sink, but under the counter to the left of the sink -- so the hoses are run behind the counter.

Can someone please help? I'm not sure what other information would be helpful. Please let me know if I've left something out.


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The hose going into the GD needs to be as high up in the cabinet as possible, what's happening is that the water in the hose is running back into the dishwasher because of the lack of a high loop. The web site attached shows how it should be done.

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