How do you find the owner when you find a lost cat?

phish_gwAugust 30, 2011

A cat has shown up at our house. We have trapped him and believe he is not feral and is either a well fed stray or a lost cat that belongs to someone.

How do I go about finding his owner (if he has one)? Do they have lost and found ads anymore? We don't have a local newspaper anymore so I can't try there? Are there good online sites to report a found kitty or look to see if someone posted about a lost kitty?

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Not even a local weekly paper?

Lots of people post lost/found animals on their local Craigslist. There is a pet section.

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The newspaper issue is a hard one, isn't it? Yes on the craigslist. I would also send a flyer to all of your local vets because most have bulletin boards for such ads. Some areas have free weekly merchandiser papers they distribute to homes and businessness and that's a possibility. Ours has. Then report it to your local shelter or humane officer in case anyone should call there to see if it turned up.

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Also ask around in your neighborhood. It may be one of your neighbors or they might know who it belongs to.

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Take the cat to a vet and have it may have a micro-chip.


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Yes, Craigslist is a really good place to look. There is a pet section and also a lost & found section. Check and post both places.

If you google "report a lost cat" you'll come up with multiple internet places you can search and report on. I hope you are able to locate the owner. When they get lost it feels like trying to find a needle in a haystack for the owners.

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