X-Post: Miele induction cooktop oven Elux oven?

JBGBMarch 7, 2013

Posted this in Appliances Forum yesterday, but would love to hear any wisdom from here also -

In the seemingly never-ending throes of kitchen remodel planning, have read (and re-read!) many threads on induction cooktops and electric wall ovens, but still trying to come up with a solution to our situation. Ideally, I'd like a 36" induction RANGE, but apparently no residential models in the USA - so we're hoping to install a 36" induction cooktop over a 30" electric wall oven. We'll have a second wall oven in another area of the kitchen, but for several reasons don't want to do a double oven or stack 2 singles. I'm strongly leaning toward the Miele KM5773BL cooktop (I know about cabinet width issues; we're doing custom cabs, so we can make sure the width will fit) and either the Electrolux Wave-Touch EW30EW55GS or ICON E30EW75GPS wall oven. The problem I just can't seem to find an answer to is whether the Miele cooktop can successfully be installed over either of those Elux ovens. I've read the specs & installation instructions; Miele just gives clearance required (4.5") between countertop & oven below - I haven't seen a list of "Miele-approved" ovens that can go below. But Electrolux DOES have a list of cooktops that can go above their ovens, and (as others have noted) they're all Elux appliances!
So my questions are:

1) Does anyone out there have this combo installed? Would love to hear your comments/experience/issues, and (of course!) see photos.

2) In general, it would seem that this sort of installation would require a higher-than-normal countertop - 4.5" from floor for minimum oven height + cabinet to accomodate 27.25" minimum cutout + 4.5" clearance to top of counter for cooktop = at least 37", I think? I'm tall, so OK for me - but am I figuring this correctly?

3) Am I correct in believing that there could be warranty issues w/ an Elux oven if it was installed per their instructions but under a non-Elux cooktop? Has anyone had this happen?

I really wish that either the Elux induction cooktops or the Miele wall ovens appealed to me as much as the others do! But the features of the Miele induction (timers for each hob, "stop and go" temporary power reduction, hob and control layout) look really good to me, and the Elux ovens seem to have so many satisfied users - at a more economical price than a Miele oven.

Please help if you can - Thanks!

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