difficulty connecting Brizo faucet.

birdgardnerMarch 23, 2012

This is not the first time I've installed a faucet but the first time where the faucet body has female ends rather than male.

It's a Brizo Trevi lavatory wall mount. The installation specs say only


Install hot and cold supply piping to the valve body."

So I have the supply lines. I got two brass 1/2" nipples to install into the faucet body. The Home Depot guy said use thread seal tape but the join kept leaking and then I read that thread seal tape only works with tapered not parallel thread.

So I figure I need a washer, but when I put my finger into the faucet body there is no surface for the washer to compress against. There's a bit of a rounded of projection on one side but that's it. It's really mostly hollow, it widens out past the threads and any washer is likely to sproing up there and get lost inside.

What gives here?

Here is a link that might be useful: brizo trevi faucet

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I mostly read this b/c we have a Brizo faucet in the kitchen. Different stuff but I'll give you my best suggestion.

You may have better luck with pipe dope than teflon tape. Maybe it's just due to cost or ease of use, but I think that's the only thing I've seen at our place after all the rough-in was done.

As for the threads, I think you're confused. I pulled up the spec sheet and install instructions refer to 1/2" IPS inlets. IPS, I believe, refers to "Iron Pipe Size" not to the threads.

I assume you're talking about the rough pipe connections all the way through your OP (not installing the cartridge/valve in the valve body). This shouldn't require a gasket (not a "washer").

I'd try using pipe dope (liberally) and torquing the connection down as best you can. Realize that may be a pain b/c it's probably all soldered upstream. But that's my best guess. Good luck.

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Normal pipe threads 9IPT Iron Pipe Thread) are tapered to create a seal with pipe dope or tape.

Straight threads (no taper) are NOT used for sealing on the threads themselves.

Their presence normally indicates either some type of washer system, gasket system, or a flare connection system.

'IPS' would indicate an inlet size, but not how it is threaded.

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IPS does most certainly indicate how it is threaded...
The term "IPS" means "Iron Pipe Standard" and per the ASTM iron pipe standard is the standard for tapered threads used on pipe

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"IPS does most certainly indicate how it is threaded... "

Better let all the Chinese manufacturers know.

I have seen any number of Chinese made fixtures with straight threads despite claims of IPS in their literature.

One came with adapters to IPT threads.
The must have gotten the word late.

There is one hanging around the basement with metric threads.

A buddy made an effort to find adapters, then gave up.
It sits in my scrap box for the next trip to the metal recyclers.
The last trip netted almost $700.

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bought some Blue Monster thread sealant and the water is not beading any more. I will keep it open a while before walling up.

Brizo made in Denmark FWIW.

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