hot water slow to pressure

jeniferkeyMarch 17, 2011

We have a hot water line that goes first to the shower, then the sink, then runs to a dead end in the wall where there used to be a sink. We had a leak at the dead end for a few weeks, but that has been fixed. We had older shower fixtures that were replaced at the same time with a mixer that seems to be temperature controlled.

I've noticed in the shower there is no pressure until the water turns hot. I let it run from the tub spout, because there will be barely enough pressure to engage the shower. Not an issue. I switch to shower when the water is hot.

But, in the sink it seems similar. When I turn on only hot water, it has very low water pressure until the water turns hot, then the pressure increases to an acceptable flow.

We're on a well, and pressure isn't that good to begin with. Does this sound normal for the sink with a hot and cold water valve? Is there anything I should check?

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Since we have to start somewhere, here's a question for you. Did the problem exist prior to replacing the fixtures?

You're implying the shower mixer has anti-scald protection...does the sink as well? Further, if a plumber did the work was there a mixer installed at your water heater?

Since the system is well supplied (excuse the pun) do you know what the drawdown volume is, and where the pressure band is set (20/40,40/60, etc.)?

Try not to conflate volume (flow) with pressure (force).

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I think we found the answer. It does sound like you are right that it's volume I'm concerned with and not pressure. The sink doesn't have the anti-scald, and the water heater doesn't have a mixer. What we do have is a water filter after the water pressure tank from the well. My husband changed out the filter and now my water volume (flow) is the same from the hot water faucet even while the water is cold. Now I'm not sure why it increased when the water got hot, but it's working the way I'm used to.
Thanks for clarifying the difference between volume and pressure. Our pressure is low. I think around 30, so probably 20/40 at the pressure tank. But volume isn't typically an issue.

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