tankless hot water noritz nrc111 or rinnai rc98hpi

TonySakMarch 31, 2011

Thanks for readings! I'm new at this, which do you think is better?

Side note: We have to get a propane unit first then when we can open the street in 2 years convert to NG. The NG conversion kit on the Rinnai is $400. The conversion kit on the Noritz is $170 which is more normal.

That being said, the Noritz seems to have a much better flow rate than the Rinnai, however the Riannai is a little more efficent. I'm leaning to the Nortiz.

Do you guys have any thoughts?

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Both good units. Flow rate is actually closer than you think, Rinnai has a habit of showing 30 degree rise in their spec while all others show 35 degrees, making Rinnai appear better. Although 1% more in efficiency means a minute more in flow rise.

The big difference between the two is the Noritz is PVC vented while the Rinnai is their brand Polypropylene which is expensive.

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