FoodSaver - model recommendations anymore?

kim0201December 16, 2007

Hello everyone. DH suggested a vacuum sealer might be a great thing for his Christmas gift this year but said he would like a good one (guess that means anything $19.99 is out...heehee). I checked out the FoodSaver website & found a couple of models which sound good - V2440 & V2840.

FoodSaver Users - I would be most interested in hearing some of your comments about the model you use; do you like it or would you have preferred another model w/ more or less bells & whistles? Do some models vacuum seal regular canning type jars or must we always use the FoodSaver containers? Where can I go to get the best price?

I imagine he'll be using it primarily for meat products. But after reading some of the comments on the forum over the years, sounds like w/ some trial & error, we may be vacuum sealing more things than we ever imagined.

DH doesn't usually ask for much any time of the year & I'd really like to get him something he thinks he'd enjoy/use. Thanks ever so much.

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I have the V840 model and it works fine for me. I'm sure they must make new models every year or so. Mine is pretty basic, about a year or two old.

Re: using canning jars - I have the set of VS cannisters and use them to seal dried foods in regular canning jars, like beans, nuts, seeds, bulk yeast, grains, etc. These sealed jars can be frozen or put into the pantry for future use. You CAN NOT "can" foods in this manner. To can vegetables, soups, sauces, etc. you must use a pressure cooker canner to cook and seal foods in glass canning jars. I'm sure you may know this, but I felt I needed to say it anyway.

There are methods I use to insure I can re-use the FS bags:
for meats, I stick the portion of meat in a cheap plastic sandwich bag, press out all the air, then put portion of meat into a FS bag, vacuum seal, label and freeze. When ready to cook, I take the FS bag out of the freezer, cut it open, remove the frozen meat in its cheap baggie, put it on a tray and thaw in the refrigerator. The FS bag is clean, dry, and not contaminated so I can re-use the bag.

I bake my own bread and slice 3-4 slices to put in one FS bag and freeze, making several packages of fresh homemade bread to pull out of the freezer when needed.

Berries can be flash frozen on a cookie sheet until frozen hard, then packed in the FS bags. vacuum sealed and frozen. Cookies, rolls, bagels, brownies, and many other items that might crush can also be done in this method.

I keep coffee beans in the small cannister that I can re-seal after opening each morning. Tea bags that are used frequently can also be kept in a FS cannister. I keep corn meal mix sealed in the large cannister in the refrigerator.

Keep checking the web site as they have good sales on the cannisters and bags.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Food Saver web site

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I have the v2860 and love it. I like that it flips up so it doesn't take up a lot of counter space. I use it every day.

I did purchase the adapters so I could use them with canning jars but don't really use them. I don't have any canisters so I can't comment on those.

I don't remember where I purchased it either or how much I paid but is a great investment.

When I seal raw meat I don't pre-freeze. I wrap it in Glad press and seal and vacuum. I don't have any problems with it leaking. It's just easier than pre-freezing everything.

I buy in bulk because we live in the sticks. It really is a great thing to have.


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I had a basic model for about 7 years, it broke several months ago and I just got a replacement for a good price on Amazon thanks to a heads up from Karen/Cloudy Christine. I got the V2840 because it flips up like Tracey said.

What I am loving are the new leftovers containers. They are available at Walmart. They stack nicely which none of the other canisters do. I use the hand held FS ($20) to seal all the canisters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leftover Containers

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I believe I have the V2840 (bought it at Costco). It replaced my old sealer, I have no idea what the model was.

I really like the new moist setting and manual settings. It's so much easier to seal delicate items, now. I think they are definitely worthwhile features.

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Thank you all so much for the responses. I'm glad you read past the subject line (I meant to type anyone rather than anymore - what was I thinking!?!).

I ended up going w/ the V2840 model. I think DH will be pleased. And I appreciate the suggestions given for reusing the FS bags, etc. Since part of the reason for using the FS is the savings on groceries, these tips are helpful so that all of the savings isn't eaten up with the cost of the bags.

Teresa_nc7: Your reminder about NOT canning using the FS is a good reminder. I do know it takes a pressure canner or water bath for safe food procesisng, but you know, someone reading this thread might not have realized that so it's always good info to share.

Thanks again everyone. I think this is one gift DH will appreciate rec'g AND also be sharing w/ his DW. :-)

Happy & safe holidays to all....

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Hope he enjoys it!

I don't even know what model ours is. It's at least 16 years old and still going strong. I'm glad you asked about them, though, because I'm out of bags and wouldn't have thought to look on the website for prcing on bags!

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Kim, Good choice. My grocery store carries a cheap brand of vacuum bags. They are good thickness and different sizes than FS offers.

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Mustangs - thanks for the info on the store brand of bags. I'll definitely look for them. BTW, DH really likes his gift. It was a good choice I think.

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I've had 3 different models over the past 20(some) years and no two have been the same. I have #4 in storage in the basement (purchased dirt cheap at Tuesday Morning) since #3 is getting old. I wouldn't be without one.

They have all worked essentially the same. Some held the bag, some didn't.... A MUST HAVE for me is the hose and jar attachment. I keep "tons" of grains/seeds/beans and home-dehydrated foods in all sizes of wide-mouth canning jars.

I also have a large number and assortment of the canisters - another must-have in my opinion.

I get a lower-price bag at Wal-Mart - Great Value brand - but be sure to price it by total feet, not just amount.


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Help! I just purchased a Foodsaver V2840 and I love it. Marinator, canisters, and bags work great. But I also purchased the Leftover Containers and I CAN'T seem to set it up.
Instructions (in pertinent part) say to insert the Accessory Hose into the Adaptor. Ok, I did it. Then I must place the Adaptor over the Vacuum Valve on the Container Lid. But it doesn't snap in or affix itself. There's no way to connect it! Then I thought that I should remove the grey flap but decided against doing that. Can anyone please help me! Thanks!

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This site is really helpful

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Atty, I'm not at home to walk through the process so I will do from memory until I get home. It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. Do you try another container in your package of two (I think they come in twos). Seems like I had one that wouldn't seal. The gray oval shaped adapter doesn't click into place over the valve.
Plug one end into your FoodSaver.
Place and hold the adapter end over the oval area on the lid.
Don't move the gray flap, that's to release the pressure when you are ready to open the container to use the contents.

I use the handheld wine saver device on my containers, it's quicker.

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Atty, I think you are missing a piece. It's not attached to the clear plastic hose, it is gray oval shaped that goes over the oval area on the lid, then the male end of the hose goes into this oval adapter.

I'll take a picture if you continue to have a problem.

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fotomat1: Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, their website didn't help except that it gave me their customer service number (which was helpful)
mustangs: Thanks very much for your input. I do have the gray oval shape "thing" that fits over the container lid. It just doesn't work very well. One of the reasons (or the main reason) it doesn't work is that I notice that the lid doesn't snap on securely. So I must hold down the lid while I am holding down the gray oval-shaped thing. After many failed attempts, I FINALLY got one of the lids to work. The rep at customer service was very nice and admitted it wasn't well constructed and he isn't too pleased with this particular accessory. Thanks again for the input. attymusic

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Anyone have the V375 and have any comments on it? I believe it's the least expensive model. Thank you.

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We bought the model that Costco sells now, thinking it was the heavy duty model that they used to sell. It just didn't have enough oomph...wouldn't seal anything the least bit moist. We returned it and ordered a GameSaver Turbo Plus. It has a pulse feature and a setting for moist foods. It wouldn't seal automatically so we sent it to FoodSaver and the replacement came the other day.

It was a more expensive model, but it does a good job so far. It took me awhile to get the leftover containers to seal, but I finally figured out I hadn't snapped the lids on hard enough. And I couldn't get canning jar lids to seal until I used two, but they were used lids, so who cares if it takes two? And I saved a couple of wine bottles so I can buy bigger (cheaper) containers of olive oil. Nothing worse than rancid'll be the true test of the bottle stoppers, lol.

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