Backup for Sump Pump

cactuscatieMarch 19, 2011

We need to get a backup generator for our sump pump. Something that would be easy for my mom in case the power goes out when we are away and would run for a reasonable amount of time. I'm asking for suggestions or best generator to do the job.

Thanks all..

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I'm looking at a generator that Costco sells. It runs on gas and goes on automatically even if you aren't home when the power goes out. It costs $2k. I plan to ask my electrician about it.

Centurion Residential Standby Generators

A link that might be useful.

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Unless you want the generator for other purposes, also, you should investigate battery powered back-up sump pumps. The ones I've installed run off of a 12v car battery which stays fully charged by means of a battery monitor/trickle charger. Depending on the demand rate, the battery charge is good for several days of a power outage.

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If you are supplied by municipal water, take a look at the water powered pumps. We have the Liberty SJ-10 and are very happy with it.

It actually earned its keep a few weeks ago and saved us from water entering the basement when I accidentally left the power supply to the sump pump off (I had been tracing circuits and missed a breaker when I was turning them back on).

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We originally looked at the Centurion. We called our electrician and he said we have to submit an application to the city, than an application to the gas company and than the gas company comes to look at our gas lines, blah, blah, blah. Seems to be more trouble than anything. We are mostly concerned about the sump pump.

Thanks for the suggestions. We will look into the electric and water backups.

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Randy427.........what are the best battery powered back up sump pumps? There are quite a few out there.

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