Dogs that need more space! Spread the word!

arkansas_girlAugust 28, 2012

I just saw this link on facebook because I have the local shelter and their friends on my facebook.

It's called "yellow dogs need more space" and I think this is an absolute wonderful idea. I really loved to walk my dog but he had an aggression problem with not only some people but with other dogs too so I was forced to keep him away from situations that would have us around people. It would be wonderful if this would get popular enough to be useful. The concept is to put a yellow leash or ribbon on the leash etc to indicate that for whatever reason, you should not go up to this dog. This would just be so helpful for so many reasons!

The link below explains the concept and please share this with your facebook friends!

Here is a link that might be useful: yellow dogs need more space

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This is a great idea. Too many people try to approach my blind Akita - not understanding that they need to be introduced & sniffed before being approved. I've tried a vest & bandana - but she refuses to wear them.
At least this is on the leash.....

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That's a great idea! I hope it catches on. I'd sometimes like to have a yellow ribbon around my neck when I meet some people out in public, too.. hahaha!

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They do this same idea with horses at shows, red bow on the tail, meaning horse will kick or doesn't get along with other horses.

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In some cases dogs NEED to be more socialized, constant avoidance never allows a dog to learn to get along with others. Tho in most cases - these dogs need to be in a controlled setting to learn to adjust. I would rather see a muzzle on an overly assertive or aggressive dogs and control on a leash than to have all of those dogs be in avoidance situations. So many people I have worked with and met have misread their dogs "aggression issues" and have isolated the dogs. When in fact they only needed to be worked with.
Just my 2 cents

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Sometimes it's not the dog that has socialization issues.... A year and a half ago, my dog and I encountered another dog and his owner in the park. Both dogs were on leash, but the other guy didn't appreciate the techniques required to prevent his dog from wrapping his leash around someone's (that would be MY) legs. Anyway, I fell and broke two fingers, and spent the rest of that winter actively avoiding close contact with other dogs in any setting.

My fingies are still too swollen for me to wear my fav rings, but I am much more wary of other folks and the way they control their dogs (or don't).

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We've touched on this subject before. I still believe that it's basic common sense to seek permission of the owner before any person, or person with their dogs or kids, advance into the leash area of any unknown dog. Fearful or not used to social situations does not equal aggression, and if people would mind their own business in the first place and give the courtesy of not invading a dog's comfort zone, the dog would not need muzzled, unless it were truely an aggressive dog.

I'm not anti-muzzle. I own muzzles I used in appropriate situations for two previous dogs when I'd take them to high risk situations like the vet where humans and other animals were in close proximity, or someone else might have to handle the dog to do their 'thing'.

You can't believe the people who blow you off, ignore you, and just move in close and personal when you ask them to keep their distance. They all think they're dog whisperers. I have NEVER had a dog bite a human, so I think I'm doing something right. But it's usually the humans I have trouble with more than the dogs.

Yes, yellow as a signal is a good idea, but it'll take a lot of public educating before most people know the cue.

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