Yes or no to laundry room drain?

jnh896March 14, 2011


I cross-posted this in home disasters as well. I flooded our laundry room by overflowing the sink. While the room is torn apart, I would like to put in a drain to prevent it from happening again. I grew up in a house with a drain in the laundry room and my grandparents had one also, so I guess I thought they were standard. When we built this house, the builder told us they weren't required by code so there's no drain.

My husband doesn't think a drain will prevent any future damage if an accident happens again. I understand that if the washing machine busts a pipe that there will still be sheetrock damage from the spewing water, but I think it could at least lessen the damages.

So, I was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with having a laundry room drain and having a washing machine pipe bust or a sink overflow. Did it help or not?

Thank you!

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It could help. Here is how to maximize the benefit. Is your water heater in there too? Can you line the washer and water heater up on one wall and put a slightly raised curb right in front of them with a drain in the space it creates? What kind of floor are you installing? If it is sheet, wrap it up the sides onto the wall.

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"...put a slightly raised curb right in front of them with a drain in the space it creates?"

Just pitch the floor towards the drain slightly.

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