rescue dog not working out :(

NinapearlAugust 24, 2009

my new rescue great dane (presley), a 9 year old lovely girl, will have to go back. i am sick at heart over this because she is such a sweet, lovable dog but she is not getting along with my other dane (ashley), an 8 year old girl i got from rescue last summer.

about a week ago, presley began showing some serious jealousy whenever i interacted with ashley. ashley is a very submissive girl and when presley jumped her, she just hit the ground and would not fight back. presley left a nasty bite on ashley's side. had i not left a collar on presley, i do not think i could have pulled her off before she inflicted some serious damage.

there is tension in my house and much of that comes from me, i know. i have to keep a constant watch on presley now as i have noticed she will occasionally growl at ashley for no apparent reason although i know SHE has a reason. i simply cannot take a chance on this happening again.

something else that has me completely stumped is that presley has begun peeing in the house. i took her and a fresh urine sample to the vet. after a complete exam and having her urine tested, there is no sign of a UTI and no physical reason why she would be doing this. i don't know if it's a dominance thing, a marking isn't a little here and a little there...she simply squats and pees like niagra falls. my house is carpeted from one end to the other and i have shampooed my carpet numerous times over the past couple of weeks. i am now crating her unless she is in the same room with me and that is no life for a dog.

i really hate this...i was so hoping this would work out and i am just baffled by this behavior. i feel like such a failure. because the dane rescue is so overwhelmed with dogs right now, i have agreed to switch presley for another, younger dog. she is 2 years old and her foster dad tells me she is very submissive and should be a better match. they have had her for several weeks and say she is very sweet, playful, and goes belly up to every other dog in the house. i will take her on a trial basis and hopefully, she will mesh better with my pack.

something else i have to consider is my male corgi. he is in the throes of degenerative myelopathy and is unable to move very fast any more. i cannot and i WILL NOT take a chance on presley inflicting her wrath on simon. *sigh*

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So sorry things did not work out. You are so good to get another rescue though. I'm sure presley will find a home she will be more at ease in.

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nina, I know how you feel. I had to send a dog back to rescue when she turned out to be way too boisterous and hyperactive for my other dog who was fairly old at the time. my other dog became terrified and started hiding under the table.

dont beat yourself up about it. unfortunately when you get an older dog there's often some "baggage" and thankfully rescues understand that things dont always work out and will take back the animal. It's really not your fault and perhaps presley is better suited as an only dog? but you can't let a new dog hurt or make your other dogs miserable so hopefully the pup will be a better fit for you. dont blame yourself though, you gave it a try and it just wasnt meant to be but it's no one's fault.

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Don't be so hard on yourself .. you are NOT a failure. You tried ... and you are right to protect your other dogs, this was their home first.

Hopefully the new dog will be a better match.

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I'm so sorry to hear things didn't work out as well. I know its hard on you to make that decision. However, sometimes that is just how it is. We want to save them all, but rescuing one at the detriment of the ones you already have isn't a solution either.

I would take Presley with me when looking at a different rescue. See how she reacts to her. I've had a lot of success in letting the pets I had help select the newest pack member.

In general (not a hard and fast rule), you'll find more success that way.

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By the way, Presley is probably exhibiting dominant urination, which many females do. Not good, it means she is trying to take over and you will not be obeyed. You would have to take her to basic training and be on her 24/7 so maybe it IS best to take her back. If you decide to get another rescue - take the dogs to a neutral place first, and take them for a leash walk!! Leash walking where you control the dog will give you lots of information and if done correctly the dog will start to understand who is boss...

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Sorry she didn't work out but it is what it is. I would take her back. It's not worth the stress to you an the real worry she'll hurt your other dane.

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