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EllusionzAugust 12, 2012

While searching this great forum database for ideas on what to plant in at my new house that's fragrant I can across the Ylang Ylang tree. I always check to see if things are poisonous for my dogs and I noticed that there was research done showing these plants could have a calming affect on them. Well, I work at an SPCA (we have dogs and cats) and had an idea of talking to management of maybe bringing in plants that might help with some stress of the animals (and humans having to relinquish).

So on to my question.. does anyone know of other things that can be grown, indoor or outdoor depending on what I might be able to talk them into growing, that does well in Central Florida? It'd have to be easy to care for, not poisonous and definitely not expensive (maybe we could find some people willing to donate even?!). Thanks for any advice y'all can give!

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I doubt that simply having plants in the area will have any effect on stressed animals. It's the scent of the blooms or crushed leaves that have the calming effect, not just the presence of the plants. I think that's what you're asking? Animals that are stressed aren't going to pay any attention to a potted plant sitting in the corner.

I question that kind of research in the first place. How was it done? Who did it and what are their credentials? Was it a double blind studies? I seriously doubt it. Was this on a website that happens to be selling it? Were they talking about an extract of the flowers, or the plant itself? In my experience, they're usually talking about the fragrance, either extracted from the blooms or as a fragrance oil chemically produced.

And there's a difference between your dog in your home getting stressed about something, and a dog that's been dumped at the SPCA being stressed. Too many factors here, to expect a potted plant to help, I think.

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