aerobic septic system/sprinkler question

progsoonerMarch 15, 2007

Our house has an aerobic septic system. We just put in an in-ground pool. We now need to move the two sprinkler heads that discharge the water from the septic. I have had a difficult time getting the septic guys to come out. I was thinking about asking the sprinkler system guy to "rework or move" the aerobic system heads during the time he would be there to replace the regular sprinkler system as this needs to be reworked from the pool construction. Does the septic guys have to do this or can the sprinkler system guy move the heads?

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In many jurisdictions, persons working on septic systems are licensed to do so. I doubt that the irrigation guys have such a licence. Getting this work done by licenced personel protects you against liability.

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In our area we had to get a septic permit from the county based on the design of the system. I don't know if there might be problems down the road if you tried to tell for the unpermitted changes. Also, I believe there is some caculation involved in the pipe length and direction that effects flow rates and discharge. That might be something to consider as well.

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I was asking can I change the setting not the time just the direction of the sprinklers. I had the system serviced this am and he changed them, but one is not right--I watched him (not right over him) but it did not look difficult. I cant call him back out, then I would have to pay him another service call.

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